London based electronic artists Ross K and Noé Solange release new single 'Time'

London based electronic artists Ross K and Noé Solange release new single 'Time' 1

‘Time’ is a track from London based electronic artists Ross K and Noé Solange. This mesmerizing piece takes you on an introspective journey between finding solace in stillness whilst yearning for change. “It’s about feeling lost in a fast-paced world and taking comfort in slowing down, yet desperate to find direction and move forward”.

Following Noé Solange's stunning single 'Nocturnal Lady,' the Dutch-Indonesian producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer has debuted more nuanced work, unveiling her distinct sound as she delves into the realm of downtempo electronica. Drawing influences from her heritage and international upbringing alongside inspirations from nature, she evokes a journey for the listener to immerse in. Pulling from her multiple cultural threads, Noé blends this with melancholic soundscapes, progressive synths and harmonic vocals to create a rich tapestry of sounds.

Alongside is Ross K, a Canadian composer and producer working across indie, classical and electronic genres. Heavily influenced by films and visual art, his music explores the human condition in relation to its surroundings, evoking distinct scenes for the listener to inhabit. Following the release of his ambitious debut LP Braedalyn in 2020, Ross has been composing for releases on such platforms as Nowness, SuperRare and co-writing with artists across electronic and classical genres.

Ross K and Noé Solange

As ‘Time’ begins with melancholic keys, subtle bell sounds and soft synth patterns, the listener is ushered into a gentle trance. The delicate pads and guitar played by Ross effortlessly shimmer over the track, bringing a sense of warmth within these wintery soundscapes. These naturally interweave with Noé’s textured synths and gentle strings that blissfully drift in, propelling the track forward with a glimmer of optimism.

Throughout, Noé’s serene vocals coax you into a deeper dreamlike state. Her pure words contrast a sense of 'cold in her eyes' with 'warmth in her mind', creating an interplay between longing and tranquility. Ross' vocals then gracefully float in, adding a new element to the harmonic palette, as if to convey a sense of dialogue.

Ross K and Noé Solange

Time’ is a flourishing downtempo electronic piece from the two musicians, taking the listener on a journey somewhere between Air, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Laura Misch and The XX.

There is beauty in simplicity, which Ross and Noé deliver in this intimate and reflective body of work, offering a moment away from reality.

Listen to 'Time' - BELOW:


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