Liverpool’s ‘brothers sin’ GENERATION share video for new single ‘Suicidal Champagne’ – Watch Now!

Liverpool’s ‘brothers sin’ GENERATION share video for new single 'Suicidal Champagne' - Watch Now!

Fearless and pheromone-filled, Liverpool’s ‘brothers sin’, James and Dean Carne, re-enter the night as lippy punk pair, Generation and set a course for the deepest corners of ego, desire and mania with glitter and blood single, Suicidal Champagne. Brazenly dropped without warning, the single finds the pair in their finest snake-hipped, glitter-lidded, lip-curling form, waking up the morning after to find their conscience awake before them.

Released on Tri-Tone Music, the brand-new track captures the unrelenting spirit of a side-lined, kickabout, chemically-fuelled underclass of inquisitive and restless youth, setting course for abandon in the unknown. Brazen, beautiful and bruised, the brothers present the burnished glam of Suicidal Champagne as a fast-paced coming of age anti-anthem, heralding the thrills of drinking too much, too soon, too young and the mascara-smeared, heavy-headed repercussions that follow.

Gilding buzzsaw guitars with lines of ‘fake IDs’ and ‘no money to spare’, the track radiates all-too-relatable feelings of sweet teenage dreams-turned-sour, the Carne’s animating the tale with their own, innate sense of beautiful, irresistible danger.

Fuelled by funk and soul in their formative years, the pair came late to glorious rock and roll, resulting in an enthusiasm that spills over with string-snapping drama, yet always immaculately styled with the cred and kudos of sharp, music hall funk and soul swingers. Multi-instrumentalists and joint-frontmen prowling and pouncing in the shadows of the Merseyside city, Generation cast a distinctive shape all of their own, made of smudged decadence and high-voltage rock and roll.

Suicidal Champagne was recorded and produced in pacy sessions in a converted barn in the company of producer/drummer, James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Rhodes, Dry The River), with the Carne’s swapping effortlessly between vocal, guitar and bass duties.

Watch the video for ‘Suicidal Champagne’ – BELOW:

Generation was originally formed in the Carne brothers’ late-teens in the midst of a period of self-discovery and experimentation, gathering word of mouth from their must-see live shows, yet stubbornly holding back recorded material until they were satisfied that they were meeting their own, exacting standards. Pursued by industries as interested in their style as their sounds, the brothers sway between fashion and music, gigs and runways, deadbeat bars and photo studios.

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