LIVE REVIEW: SWIM DEEP – The Ritz, Manchester

LIVE REVIEW: SWIM DEEP - The Ritz, Manchester 1

Catholic Action are the first support band on at The Ritz in Manchester, their quartet consists of 3 guitars backed by a drummer, with an intensifying sound that builds up to a slower melody when it gets to the peak of their first song, the boys were all dressed in black like they’d planned it out before their set, however it worked for their on stage look.

Their sound is quite grungy, accompanied by slightly exotic guitar riffs while the lead singer took over the stage with an a cappella half way through a song. These guys play my style of music, like a heavier version on The Pigeon Detectives. The lead singer thanks the crowd and says “It’s been very nice to meet you and enjoy the rest of the evening” which then followed into their last song that started off slow to calm the crowd down and built up for them to dance with a psychedelic guitar solo. The bass filled dubstep in between packing down and setting up the next band was a bit out of character for the bands that would be playing, however the audience seemed to enjoy it.

SWIM DEEP – The Ritz, Manchester

The Magic Gang wandered on stage shortly after 8:15. Front man Jack Kaye looks like a young Morrissey with his baggy white tee tucked into his faded black slacks, however their sound is quite different. The band performed one of their songs called Alright which is quite 90’s indie alternative rock and sounded similar to Foo Fighters discography, the boys were singing in sync while repeatedly building up to the chorus and then laying out a slick laid back guitar solo.

Throughout the set Jack kept smiling at the crowd and moving his feet at any opportunity, then standing at the edge of the stage to be closer to the listeners that were dancing around to the beat.

I bet the crowd thought they were re-listening to their summer playlist when 5 piece indie pop band Swim Deep ambled onto the Ritz stage. The crazy moves that lead singer Austin was showing off and the distorted bass combined into something quite funky. They inevitably played ‘King City‘ which the teens went absolutely wild for, even though there was about 200 people in the audience.


The evening is always made better when people hop on their friends shoulders for better view and to enjoy the sound at the same height as the stage. ‘Swim Deep’ are a catchy, bold, electronic pop rock group that undoubtedly have a spirited following. Lead singer Austin picked up his tambourine and waved it around furiously before grabbing the mic stand and throwing it to the floor when he danced across the stage.

To close their fantastic set they shifted into the 80’s music scene style, Madchester and performed ‘To My Brother‘, they thanked the crowd and walked off stage, faces glazed with perspiration and a crowd satisfied until the end.

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