LIAM GALLAGHER’S second LP will be released before September

LIAM GALLAGHER'S second LP will be released before September

Former Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher has confirmed his second studio album – the follow-up to debut solo LP ‘As You Were’ – will be released before September 2019. The former Oasis rocker is working on the follow-up to his chart-topping solo debut ‘As You Were’, and he hit out at press speculation before confirming his plans.

He tweeted: “F**k those old farts… they know f**k all about my moves it’ll be before September trust me (sic)” His post came after Liam revealed he was in the studio as he praised his fans for their support.

He wrote: “Back in the studio today for a few more hits on the bong I love and adore you all as you were LG x (sic)” Meanwhile, the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker has also angrily hit out at his brother Noel, 51, over a previous quote that his sibling wouldn’t do a reunion “even if the starving children in the world needed it”.

When a fan suggested the family feud had run its course, he responded: “Just putting the little c*** straight sorry if that upsets you as you were x” The 51-year-old star’s comments were in response to a recent interview in which he claimed Liam’s calls for an Oasis comeback were “for his ego”.

He said: “Liam wants to do it for his ego – he never gave a shit about the fans… He wouldn’t have walked off stage 25 times in his career if he gave a s*** about the fans.” Noel added that Liam’s jibes towards his wife Sara MacDonald on Twitter – which have seen the ‘Songbird’ songwriter call his sister-in-law a “witch” – have ruined the chances of there ever being a reunion.

He insisted: “That thing about my kids and my wife. No way. If I had 50 quid (pounds) left in my pocket I’d rather go busking. No way, I can’t do it.”

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