TWENTY ONE PILOTS didn't think Heathens was a hit song

TWENTY ONE PILOTS didn't think Heathens was a hit song

Twenty One Pilots were surprised by how successful their 'Suicide Squad' soundtrack 'Heathens' did as it was never intended for the superhero movie. Tyler Joseph - who is joined by drummer Josh Dun in the pop-rock duo - has revealed that 'Heathens' wasn't intended to be for the DC Comics superhero movie - which starred Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn - and admits it was "weird" that one of their first chart songs was featured in a blockbuster.

Speaking about the success of the 2016 song, Tyler told "Yeah that was just an exercise for me. "I'd never written a song with a movie in mind and the ideas they threw my way I brushed off. "I was expecting them not to like it. I was writing a song for a future record.

"I wanted it to be a Twenty One Pilots song the whole time and then when it ended up in the movie, we didn't expect it to become a huge song but I listen back to it now and it's just such a good song." The 30-year-old musician - who is known to climb the rigging at their concerts - also discussed the 'Stressed Out' band's epic live production and how they will never scale back their shows to save money.

He said: "Yes. We try to connect that as often as we can but it's expensive. Something that we've always believed in, even with the money we'd make playing locally, we have a band account and that money was spent on the band. If you apply that same principle to what we're doing tonight, we want to put on the best show we can. Every little thing up there is costing us money. On the business side of it there's a decision to make. We could make more money just by putting on a show with little production but we just know that we have to rely on that philosophy we've had the whole time. We want to put the money back into the show so the fans keep coming back to see us."

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