LIAM GALLAGHER shares the new video for ‘Too Good For Giving Up’

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher’s recent #1 album ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’ reaches an inspirational peak with its centrepiece song ‘Too Good For Giving Up’. A timeless, affecting ballad, it sees Liam offering a beacon of light just as the darkest of moods feels too much to cope with.

His lyrics are powerful in their simplicity as he sings, “Remember you belong here as much as anyone / Even when you’re just about to break.” It’s a moment that has forged a remarkable connection with fans, many of whom have used the song as a starting point to discuss their own experiences on social media. As the top comment on the song’s lyric video says, “This song could save lives.”

Liam says, “We all know someone affected by suicide which sadly seems to be at an all-time high. I’ve lost many people far too early and it’s important to talk. I’m really pleased to be able to help in anyway with this song and will be partnering with Talk Club on my track ‘Too Good For Giving Up’ LG x.”

Talk Club co-founders Ben Akers, and Gavin Thorpe add, “Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. And Liam is a hero to many of that generation. So to be collaborating with him on something that raises the awareness of Talk Club, and gets men talking and improving their mental fitness, will save lives.”

Responding to that overwhelming reaction, Liam teamed up with the men’s mental health charity Talk Club to bring the song’s inspiring message to life with its new video. Talk Club provides a global male community of peer-to-peer talking groups, sports clubs and therapy that ultimately prevents suicide. At the heart of their mission is the simple question, “How are you? Out of 10?” By checking in regularly with yourself and other men, Talk Club creates a community that we are all missing in today’s world.

Watch the video for ‘Too Good For Giving Up’ – BELOW:

All UK profits that are generated from the track will be donated to Talk Club for six months, an initiative that commenced on October 1st. Liam will further support the campaign by taking over Talk Club’s Twitter account to discuss mental health issues from 11 am-12 pm this Thursday, October 13th.

The ’Too Good For Giving Up’ visual captures the struggles of depression in a way that’s both instantly striking and undeniable real. The video stars David Jonsson, best known for his role in the hit BBC drama ‘Industry’, who is shown forlornly strolling through the streets of Manchester. The reason for his unhappiness is soon apparent: he is carrying a giant doppelganger on his shoulders, a burden that makes even the simplest of tasks an uphill battle.

His sullen walk is initially a lonely one as passers-by glance quizzically or ignore him altogether. But eventually he’s joined by a teenager wearing Talk Club’s ‘How are you? Out of 10?’ t-shirt. Step by step, more people join and lend their support until the doppelganger can be comfortably carried. David Jonsson’s character stands upright, as if for the first time in forever, and looks as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He wanders into a nearby pub, where he is welcomed into a Talk Club meeting.

The video was directed by Ryan Vernava and Liam Achaibou at BWTV. Their video’s eloquent and poignant message was inspired by the loss of a friend and collaborator several years ago, an incident which changed the way that they view mental health issues.

To join Talk Club’s online community, find your local club, or simply learn more, please visit their official website.

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