LEFTFIELD announce new album 'This Is What We Do' - Watch video for new track 'Pulse'

Credit: Steve Gullick

Leftfield, one of the UK’s most revered and innovative dance acts, officially announce their first album in seven years, This Is What We Do and release a new track entitled “Pulse”.

This Is What We Do is Leftfield’s first album of new music since 2015’s acclaimed Alternative Light Source, and will be released via Virgin Records on December 2nd 2022. The album was crafted with long-time studio and mix engineer Adam Wren, and features guest contributions from Fontaines D.C. frontman Grian Chatten, Lemn Sissay and more.

The album cover is a shot taken by lauded photographer Steve McCurry, whose work includes the celebrated photograph Afghan Girl. This cover image is a marked departure to previous Leftfield album imagery, chosen to reflect the warmth and positivity of the album and to celebrate the connections that we make with others throughout our lives.

This Is What We Do, is an eclectic long-player that embodies the core optimistic ethos of the iconic dance music act. Exploring themes around love, acceptance, diversity and healing, the album was written before and after two extremely challenging and transformative periods in the life of Leftfield’s Neil Barnes. The global pandemic, and his own personal health crisis, both having a direct impact on the creative process, with his own drive to heal childhood trauma as a backdrop. As a result the new LP is a rich, vibrant, positive and potent cocktail of incendiary cuts that epitomise Leftfield's uncompromising approach to dance music. Tapping into the roots of the culture - subversive, radical, progressive and inclusive - This Is What We Do is a positive and powerful record that addresses personal themes which also reflect our current global experience.

Watch the video for 'Pulse' - BELOW:

“Pulse” immediately captures the vitality of This Is What We Do: a thrilling, tactile take on dance music that sees Leftfield continuing to find new territories to break into, more than 30 years into their career. An oscillating bassline acts as a focal point throughout as every element of the track shifts around it; the breakbeat warps and stretches as more layers are added, with the central pulse remaining the only constant element. The release is complemented by a mind-expanding visual that pairs the track with a hedonistic rave aesthetic.

Speaking of the song Barnes says, "I wanted ‘Pulse’ to be the first statement from the new album. It felt strong. Dancefloor. Human. Positive. And I love the bass. It’s Leftfield.”

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Album Tracklisting;

This Is What We Do
Full Way Round
Making A Difference
City of Synths
Machines Like Me
Rapture 16
Heart and Soul
Come On
The Power of Listening

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