Kizzy Crawford shares video for 'Gerridae'

Kizzy Crawford shares video for 'Gerridae'

Studying A level music used to be a dry affair full of old composers who bore little relation to what everyone studying the exams was listening to. It seems all that has changed, for students in Wales in particular. Joining Manic Street Preachers and Super Furry Animals in the contemporary music section set pieces this year is Kizzy Crawford, a 20 yr old singer songwriter from Merthyr in South Wales.

Perhaps it's not surprising given her first single was played by Huw Stephens on Radio 1 three years ago, but this honour has impressed many, including the Radio 4 Woman's Hour team who have invited Kizzy on as guest on 1st September, just as the new terms starts. Kizzy is a mixed race Welsh speaking artist proud of her background and determined to make her mark by fusing bilingual soul-folk jazz has this to say

I feel honoured to be one of the set piece artists for WJEC, for my work to be considered of enough quality and importance to be included in the national curriculum is high praise for an artist, so it’s an honour,”

A spokesperson for the WJEC said they hoped youngsters would be inspired by listening to Kizzy’s music: “WJEC is very pleased to be able to introduce the songs of Kizzy Crawford to our new A2 Music specification.

“It is hoped that students around Wales will take inspiration from her, as a young Welsh singer song-writer, and produce their own music, following in a great tradition of Welsh artists.”

One of the set piece tracks Gerridae is being released as part of an AA single on 26th August, along with Jungle.
We can exclusively preview the simple yet charming animated video they have created for the song

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