INTERVIEW: The Sherlocks’ Andy Davidson: “”One of them was out of time & Brandon threw a drumstick at the back of Kiaran’s head””

THE SHERLOCKS release new video & announce debut album 2

After a sold out UK Tour last September, Sheffield four-piece The Sherlocks have been relentlessly touring the UK ahead of the release of their debut album and dates have included joining both Kings Of Leon & Richard Ashcroft as main support on their arena tours as well as numerous festival dates. The band, consisting of two sets of brothers, have been steadily building a solid live following and were the first unsigned band since Arctic Monkeys to sell out their local venue the Sheffield Leadmill. With support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Annie Mac, Mistajam & Huw Stephens, this is a young band following in the great tradition of guitar groups from their area. The Sherlocks have drawn obvious comparisons from their influencers (The Jam, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys) but this is a band with unquenchable ambition intending to create their own unique sound and already captivating new audiences.

The Sherlocks have been earning excellent live reviews up & down the country after selling out multiple venues (including Sheffield’s Foundry & Manchester’s Albert Hall) and their fan base is going from strength to strength with their singles ‘Will You Be There’ & ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ both reaching No.1 in the Vinyl single charts, a new generation discovering the adrenalizing rush of rock’n’roll.

Recently Mark Millar caught up with band member Andy Davidson (Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar) for a chat.


XS: Hi Andy so who are The Sherlocks and how did the band get together?

Andy: Well, we are two sets of brothers me and our Josh and Brandon and Kieron and we moved next door to Brandon and Kieron’s Nanna and Grandad. We started playing football together and we found out that Brandon and Kieron could play instruments. Kieron played the guitar and Brandon played the drums. We started going to theirs playing the guitars and jamming and then it just escalated from there really. We didn’t know we were a band and before we knew it we were.

XS: It’s unusual to have two sets of brothers in a band. Do you all get on or do you have arguments?

Andy: Mostly we get on but we have had one or two like me and Kieron have had one too many drinks before and had a wrestle but as soon as we wake up in the morning we shake hands. Brandon and Kieron once had a thing on stage where one of them was out of time and Brandon threw a drumstick at the back of Kieron’s head (laughs).

XS: Did the argument continue backstage?

Andy: I think they had a discussion about it but none of them could come to a conclusion who was right. they just settled on it.

XS: The Sherlocks release your long awaited debut album “Live For The Moment” in August. Did you go into the record with any pre conceived ideas of how it should sound?

Andy: Yeah, we knew how we wanted it to sound that’s why we went with Gavin Monaghan the producer. Before we went into the record we all wrote down on a piece of paper what makes our sound. We wanted a huge snare sound and certain harmonies. That’s why we recorded at Rockfield studios because they have got echo chambers. We knew that working with Gavin and going to Rockfield studios we were going to make that sound.

XS: Does the whole band share songwriting duties?

Andy: No Kieron writes the songs. We all meet up every day and he is constantly writing tunes in the conservatory then he brings them to band practice and we jam it out for hours.

XS: When you were recording the album was there a particular sound which stood out and you thought this is why we are doing this?

Andy: Yeah there was a lot of tracks on it when it starts coming together as a band putting guitars down and we are all in the room with the producer and everyone is absolutely feeling it and we are sat there thinking that we are topping everyone like its one of the best albums out there at the minute.

XS: What would you like people to take away from listening to the album?

Andy: Just to understand we are four young lads from a little village in Sheffield who have been working really hard for the last seven years. It will be nice if people pre order it and give it a good listen to cos there is a lot of stuff on it that’s mint.

XS: You said that the band has been together for seven years and you are only just putting your debut album out now when a lot of bands would have put one out sooner. Why did you wait so long were you trying to perfect your sound?

Andy: Definitely, we started out as a cover band. The first three years we were playing pubs and clubs and I think that helped us become the good musicians we are and become tight as a band. We wanted to hold off from releasing an album cos we wanted to make sure it sounded right. A lot of bands release an album and it doesn’t really do well and before they know it they are releasing a third album and they’re still not making a big career out of it. We just want to make sure that’s all because obviously, this is all we have got.

XS: There are a lot of great bands who have come from Sheffield. Are there any particular Sheffield band who has influenced the Sherlocks?

Andy: The Arctic Monkeys were obviously a massive influence because they just exploded onto the scene. Sheffield has an unbelievable music scene. Reverand and the Makers are a big influence and we are good mates with John McClure. We have always been big fans of Def Leppard.

XS: Whats the current music scene like in Sheffield is there an any good bands coming through?

Andy: It’s pretty good there is a band called Odyssey Road starting out doing gigs. They are a very good band. There are a lot of young bands stepping up.

XS: The Sherlocks recently supported Kings of Leon did the Followhills give you any advice on tour?

Andy: Not really we went in and it was a bit of a surreal moment cos we are massive fans of theirs. They told us they don’t usually listen to or like the support acts but they really liked us and said they would see us down the road in the future. so hopefully we will get to meet up with them again and do some more gigs.

XS: What was it like supporting Kings of Leon?

Andy: It was mental probably the best gig we have ever done. Just to watch them was great and they had an unbelievable crew who were so kind and the gig was mental. Then we met them for a photo. everything was unreal.

XS: Do have a favourite record that you always return to?

Andy: Probably ‘Uncle Johnny’ by the Killers. That’s a tune I’ve been brought up with and I have always listened to that. I get fed up with it but after a couple of months, I will put it back on.

XS: Is there anything you have been listening to recently that you could recommend?

Andy: When we are on our way to a gig Kieron plays all the music. He plays a lot of old stuff like James and recent stuff like Odyssey Road.

XS: So whats next for the Sherlocks?

Andy: We have got Reading and Leeds coming up then the album is coming out on the 18th August and we have a lot of touring in September which is a massive tour for us which is selling very well. Hopefully, we will get to Europe before the end of the year and maybe America.

XS: Cheers Andy

Andy: thanks Mark



Thanks to Katie Gwyther @fearPR

The Sherlocks – “Live for the Moment” is released 18th August – more info here.



19th August – Durham, Hardwick Live Festival
25th August – Leeds Festival
27th August – Reading Festival
1st September – Wilkestock Festival
14th September –Newcastle, Newcastle Uni
15th September – Manchester, Manchester Academy
16th September – Nottingham, Rock City
19th September – Glasgow, O2 ABC
20th September –Bristol, SWX
21st September – Southampton, 1865
22nd September – London, Heaven
23rd September – Sheffield, O2 Academy


1. Will You Be There
2. Live For The Moment
3. Escapade
4. Chasing Shadows
5. Blue
6. Nobody Knows
7. Was It Really Worth It
8. Turn The Clock
9. Last Night
10. Heart Of Gold
11. Motions
12. Candlelight


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