INTERVIEW: Jessica Lynn Talks ‘Mixed Signals’ & Her UK Tour

Jessica Lynn
Credit: Gilles Simon

Like many artists, Jessica Lynn had the brakes put on her career when the Covid pandemic shut the world down. But she didn’t let the uncertainty of what the future might hold stop her from pushing forward and pursuing her creative dreams and ambitions.

Now, two years on, her career trajectory is skyrocketing, and she’s back on the road, performing to delighted audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Ahead of hitting the UK this month, XS Noize caught up with Jessica to find out which venue she’s most looking forward to playing, what fans can expect from her shows and her future single and tour plans.

While I am somewhat familiar with you and your music, and for anyone who isn’t, how would you describe yourself and your artistry in a few words?

My music is definitely a mix of many things and many influences. It has a little bit of country, a little bit of soul, and a little bit of Rock and roll. I am someone that is extremely passionate about music and songwriting, and I absolutely love what I do.

With the Coronavirus pandemic ‘over’, when you look back on where you were a year ago and the position you found yourself in personally and professionally, how do you feel about things now? How have the difficulties of the pandemic period impacted and influenced your life/career decisions and plans? 

The pandemic certainly impacted me more than I could have imagined. I adopted a severely handicapped and disabled rescue dog during that time, which totally changed my day-to-day routine and life. She now travels with us as the “tour manager.” Along with all the bad also came the good. I grew in ways I never thought I could. I struggled immensely financially and with my mental health, and it was incredibly scary not knowing what was next and if I would ever perform again.

I never gave up, however, and my career reached new heights. While the entire world was live streaming, I managed to be named a Top 25 Livestreamer on the internet by Pollstar. My skills as a musician and songwriter improved tenfold because I could solely focus on practising and learning new things. I look back and realize how much that time moulded me as a person.

Tell me about your latest release, “Mixed Signals.” Why did you choose to release that track as a single? How do you think the song showcases your artistic development and growth compared to your earlier work?

I chose to release this song as a single because I think it represents who I truly am. It has a mix of all of the genres I love and the energy that I really love. I think the music that you put out as an artist should be music that you are really passionate about. The song showcases my growth as an artist because it is authentically me. I am not trying to fit into any industry norm or cookie-cutter mould; I’m making music I want to make.

You released your album ‘Lone Rider’ last year – have you started to work on your next collection of songs yet?

I am currently working on a brand-new batch of singles! The next will be released on July 14, called “Ain’t Done With You Yet.” ‘Lone Rider’ is continuing to chart worldwide, which is so exciting for me, so I plan to ride that happy wave a bit longer in terms of albums!

You’re currently on the European leg of your tour and are about to perform several shows here in the UK. Are there any venues, in particular, you’re most looking forward to playing?

Choosing a favourite venue is hard because each place is wonderful in its own way. We will be returning for the 3rd time to the Birmingham and London venues, which hold many wonderful memories for me, so I’m very excited to go back and see all our friends. I am genuinely just as excited for every stop.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you live before or hasn’t been following along with your current tour, what can those attending a Jessica Lynn show expect?

My shows are definitely full-blown Rock n’ Roll concerts in terms of energy, so expect to dance and sing along while we burn a lot of calories together! Lol!

Are there any songs in your repertoire that you’re finding go down incredibly well with audiences, and if so, which and why do you think that is?

It’s been awesome to see the reaction to all the new and old music in each country. My song “Roadhouse” always brings out the most fun in people. There’s a dance we do live to it, and it’s been really awesome to see that people already know it! I think the song is just fun and lets people be uninhibited.

Which song of yours do you most like to perform and why?

This is so hard because I love them all in different ways. I enjoy performing “Not Your Woman” because it has a lot of power but is also very soulful at the same time.

Across the course of your career, you’ve played shows all over the world and with an array of fellow artists, but which venue, anywhere in the world, would you most like to play and why? Who would you either like to open for or have open for you?

As a New Yorker, Madison Square Garden is the ultimate achievement. I have gotten to sing the national anthem there twice, which was a dream, but doing a full band show would be something else! I would absolutely love to open for Shania Twain, one of my musical idols.

Jessica Lynn
Credit: Gilles Simon

Finally, aside from the tour, which currently runs through October. What else do you have lined up for 2023? Any teases as to what your next single might be?

After “Ain’t Done With You Yet” on July 14, there will be another single in September that actually has a Latin flair. After that, I will embark on my largest holiday tour, which I’m extremely excited about!


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