INTERVIEW: Aries Marquis talks ‘Motivation’ & future music plans

Aries Marquis

With his talent having first been recognised by his father – who heard him singing on a voicemail – Aries Marquis has been performing since 2007, and the music he makes blends an array of influences, including Boyz II Men and Justin Timberlake. A father, Christian and veteran, Aries’ songs are also often deeply personal, allowing each track – including the new single “Motivation” – to touch and resonate with many who hear it. XS Noize caught up with him to discover more about his creative and artistic development and which venues he’d most love to play.

Who exactly is Aries Marquis in a few words?

Aries Marquis is introverted, empathetic, and wise. Although I take pleasure in being secluded, I accept that time to learn and become better and use that to care for and serve others.

Was there a particular moment in your life when you realised music was the career path you wanted to go down, and if so, can you share it with me? Do you have any other career possibilities?

I often speak about when my dad told me that I could be a professional music artist after hearing me sing on my voicemail message, but that was when I decided to try a music career out. This, however, was not the moment I felt this was the career I should take. The first self-written song I ever released was a song titled “I’ll Always Be Here”. I recorded it as a group member of a duo group named J2. We first performed this song at the end of 2008. The feedback was so amazing about the lyrical content and vocal performance that I finally realised THIS is where I belong; music is what I am and create.

Is there one band or artist you might say you sound in any way similar to, or do you make a determined effort to be someone and something new – by being uniquely yourself?

I feel that I am a mixture of artists; as a music student, I don’t sound like others, but others inspire me. I sing with the passion of Gospel legends such as Daryl Coley, mixed with the lead singers of Boyz 2 Men (Wanye) and H-Town (Keven ‘Dino’ Conner), but I keep an introverted low-profile like Maxwell while trying to match the writing ability of Michael Jackson and Paul Simon and perform like Fantasia and Jacki Wilson. Ironically, with such a mixture of inspirations, very few people notice the mixture; they only see me, so I feel I am succeeding at being unique.

Tell me about your new single, “Motivation.” What’s the story or idea behind it?

For a while, I thought about a new song to put together almost immediately after I dropped my last single, “Addicted.” I was pondering on my audience, where I was with my music connections, etc, just random thoughts…and it came to me: there are a lot of women in my corner! I write music based on my actual experiences or the authentic experiences of others, which happen to mainly, be women. I realised that ladies had inspired me so much in life that they are my motivation. I was eager to put this song together.

What made you think this song was the right choice as a single, and what do you hope those who hear the track take from it?

Usually, I am nervous about any project that I put out, and in this “Battle of the Sexes” type of climate that we live in our society, I feel it is a little risky to say how much I love and appreciate women, but I could care less about any backlash. I want my lady listeners to know that some of us men do care, regardless of some of our experiences together. We need each other, and I want them to know that some of us men do value you and are considerate of your presence in our world.

We’re hitting festival season – so will you be at any events or hitting the road in the coming weeks and months?

I wish I was touring, actually! LOL! So far, I have one performance from Sept 30th-Oct 1st at an event hosted by 2HotRadio! I auditioned and won a slot to perform, so I look forward to that!

If you could play one event or venue anywhere worldwide, where would it be and why?

I wish I could perform at Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden. I know this might be clichè, but I would love to perform in some of the biggest arenas ever because I want to reach as many people as possible. Large audiences fuel me to act, sing, and give my all to them. I’m here to make an impact and definitely would with those arenas.

Outside of music, you’re also a veteran and father – how do those roles and vast aspects of your life play into and influence your creative side as an artist?

As a vet and as a father, these positions have two things in common: service. I have had to serve empathy, care, concern, and physical assistance in both positions. This is what I do with my music. I don’t want to write music to reach the top of the Hot 100 or to follow trends. I want to serve life lessons, encouragement, diverse perspectives, encouragement, and honesty. Positively impacting lives is the mission.

Finally, how is the rest of the year shaping up for you? Have you started thinking about which song you might share with the world next, or are you just taking things as they come?

I plan to work even harder for the rest of the year to become a full-time music artist. Therefore, I will put out more music, promote as hard as possible, and continue to engage with my listeners and build my fan base. No stopping now!

Listen to ‘Motivation’ – BELOW:

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