Iconic 90s band BLACK BOX rework their 1990 classic hit ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ celebrating 31 year anniversary

Black Box

The original ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ by Black Box, was released in the UK in 1990, now 31 years later they celebrate by revisiting the Italo Disco classic with a special and more grown-up Motown Disco edit.

Forming the blueprint for the electronic music sub-genre Italo House, Black Box set the standard for many original ravers to follow. ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ broke out of the clubs and into the mainstream, heralding a new era for pop dance. It was also the second single to drop from their original album, ‘Dreamland’ and became an international hit entering the Top 5 in the UK, remaining in the charts for eight weeks.

The song which has now been re-recorded, is the second single from Black Box’s 31-year anniversary album ‘Dreamlanders’, a rework of their original ‘Dreamland’ album but re-recorded and reworked for a new lockdown generation with home listening in mind.

‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ (Motown Disco Radio) has added funk, with Black Box paying tribute to Motown’s early 70s sound with a distinct and instantly recognisable intro inspired by ‘the theme from Shaft’. The vibe has been slowed down, still bursting with those signature Diva vocals that have become a trademark of Black Box’s work.

"For this re-work, we thought of exploring the atmosphere of the Motown days in the early 70's, there is obviously a little bit of Shaft the detective in there, just to make things more intriguing" Danieli Davoli

Watch the video for ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Else’ (Motown Disco Radio) - BELOW:

This new album ‘Dreamlanders’ pays homage to their outstanding 31-year career and revisiting the classics in a more mature style and curated in a way that is reflective of the time, their more advanced years and how we now listen to music during a pandemic.

Black Box’s ‘I Don't Know Anybody Else’ (Motown Disco Radio) is out now on Groove Groove Melody.

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