GEORGE COSBY shares new single ‘She Got It Bad’ – Listen Now

GEORGE COSBY shares new single ‘She Got It Bad’ - Listen Now

Bringing a romantic, cinematic grandeur to 2021’s music landscape, George Cosby sounds quite unlike anyone else. His unique voice and songs will appeal to fans of Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine and Arlo Parks. His artistic allure is all about pure, open-hearted emotions, a style that he introduces with his new single ‘She Got It Bad’. 

‘She Got It Bad’ is a widescreen anthem teetering between idealism and melancholy, as George captures the uncertainty of yearning for a love interest who remains intriguely just out of reach. It’s an experience that’s universal in its nature, but one that he captures with poetic lyricism: “If everything happens for a reason, where do we begin?”

Musically it places the passion, drama and sweeping grandeur of ‘80s pop in a context that feels naturally at home alongside the UK’s current generation of singer-songwriter talents. Its opening strings also hint at George’s passion for Italian cinema, echoing the nostalgia of Morricone’s work on ‘Cinema Paradiso’. George wrote the song with Samme Witte (Maggie Rogers, Harry Styles), with production from Andrew Wells (Ellie Goulding, Halsey), and mixing courtesy of Dan Grech (The Killers, George Ezra).

George says, “I wrote ‘She Got It Bad’ as almost a religious experience. This perfect person calls to you, embodying everything you think you want. You find them soaked in sunshine amongst architecture or down by glistening pools of water. Can something so perfect be more than just a dream?”

Listen to ‘She Got It Bad’ – BELOW:

George’s passion for creating music reflects his love of film, with both art forms able to transport us to those big revelations in life: romantic gestures, life-affirming new adventures, the endless potential of dreaming big. That reflects the scale of his ambitions. It’s music that can grace the elegance of Royal Albert Hall and also make a big impact in Japan. His combination of artistry and aesthetics is perfectly suited to be imagined on screen by one of the Italian greats, preferably ‘The Great Beauty’ auteur, Paolo Sorrentino.

Yet for all those big ideals, George is a resolutely grounded character. Always searching for truth, his romantic writing feels like an extension of the uncertain, hesitant note to his personality – as if expressing himself in song is blending hopes and prophecies. If you dream hard enough, perhaps those hopes can become reality? He’s also worked all manner of everyday jobs to keep his musical ambitions on track, most notably with a brief but existentially fascinating job at a funeral parlour.

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