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Poster Child

Nashville-based duo Poster Child releases their new Super Nova EP. A collection of five tracks, the EP narrates the experiences of a group of people during a single night at Chateau Disco. Poster Child collaborates with artist Tyler Champion, who hand draws illustrations for each song they release.  

Made up of Theresa Gorella (vocals) and Andrew Royal (guitar, production), Poster Child’s sound blends indie pop, funk, and soul flavours with hints of psychedelia into intricately arranged musical concoctions with piquant lyrics.

Andrew explains, “We love working with older processes. Film, tape, and tube amps they each have an intentional nature to them. We approach the sound design of our music with that in mind, taking advantage of the unique signal flow of my studio [Silver Tongue Studio] to put some heat on a lot of the main sources, the kind you can only get from circa the 1950s-70s gear. When we track, it’s immediately nostalgic.”

“Queen Bee” opens the EP, rolling out on a mid-tempo funky rhythm featuring a plump, popping bassline topped by Theresa’s evocative voice, imbuing the lyrics with lusciously expressive tones. Glittering keyboards and sparkling accents give the tune lysergic tints.

Highlights include “Falling Apart”, travelling on a voluptuously sensuous rhythm vaguely reminiscent of Sade crossed with the B-52s, at once dark and seductive. Theresa’s femme fatale vocals lace the lyrics with tight, swanky timbres.

“You take me apart piece by piece / You’re bringing me down to my knees.”

Low-slung and measured, “Space Camp” slides along on sleazy textures and then takes on funk-lite, creamy jazz savours as Theresa’s slinky voice infuses the lyrics with buoyant, dreamy aromas. The final track, “Shinto Makamoto,” merges galvanizing layers of funk with delicious, psychedelic tangs, shaping a tantalizing groove.

Poster Child’s amalgamation of funk zest and swirling psychedelic rinses yields yummy harmonics dripping with groovy energy.

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