EP REVIEW: Jake Lancer - Take Off!

Jake Lancer

New York-based electronic pop singer-songwriter Jake Lancer releases his debut EP, Take Off!, which explores the defiance of his fears, love, trauma, and joy, using his life’s stories as a canvas to create a compilation of tracks that serve as one singular function.

While growing up closeted yet part of the LGBTQIA community, Jake dreamed of creating pop music that didn’t just inspire but also gave voice to those on their own healing journeys. Now out and proud, after attending college, where he studied mental health and musical theatre, Jake worked at Universal Music Group. Presently, Jake is a mental health professional working as a therapist in NYC.

Jake’s sound blends artistic storytelling, nostalgic pop, and the energy of the NYC club kid scene into tasty sonic potions. His influences include Lady Gaga, Abba, David Bowie, and Troye Sivan. Comprising four tracks, the EP begins with “Feel Your Love,” opening on bright streaming colours flowing into a thumping beat topped by pulsing waves of sound as Jake’s evocative voice expresses his desire for love and intimacy.

“Paris” travels on retro ‘90s flavours, an upbeat rhythm, and brilliant colouration. Soft glowing harmonies merge with Jake’s silk-smooth vocals, imbuing the lyrics with tender tendrils rife with longing and quixotic savours. The title track rolls out on gleaming leitmotifs full of grand resonance and surging depth. Ebbing and rising, Jake’s vocals infuse the lyrics with expectant textures.

The final track, “Tomorrowland,” features an oscillating, sparkling intro segueing into a potent pop rhythm with tints of futuristic pop tangs. A heavy, dense rhythm gives the harmonics heft as swirling layers of hues spiral overhead. Velvety and oh so lush, Jake’s voice gives the lyrics anticipatory dynamics.

Brimming with delicious pop energy, Take Off! delivers robust, vibrant washes of dazzling pigments, contagious rhythms, and the swanky tones of Jake Lancer.

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