EP Premiere: Alligatorz – Bang Bang


Rising duo Alligatorz unveils their debut EP, BANG BANG, a five-track collection of samba, afrobeat, baile funk, and cutting-edge reggaeton. Guest appearances on the EP include Mc Cidinho General, Mc Baby Perigosa, Mr J.Medeiros, and Manie Gang, imbuing the songs with delicious textures and dynamic energy.

BANG BANG was inspired by Alligatorz’s trip to Rio de Janeiro, where the duo – DJ Green and Røn Puma – found themselves beguiled by the sounds of Latin America. After dropping a series of songs and mixtapes while performing throughout the region, including Argentina and Colombia, the twosome decided to put together their debut EP.

Simultaneously tropical and vibrant, Alligatorz’s sound takes contagious elements of Miami bass and gangsta rap and blends them with the exotic flavours of Rio de Janeiro hip-hop into sensual, robust music.

The bass-heavy “PIAUI” begins the EP, riding a galvanizing rhythm topped by luscious layers of bouncy colours. Hints of EDM-momentum propel the tune forward with lively pep, while bright horns inject the harmonics with dazzling accents.

Brimming with bumping afrobeat, “CHAPA QUENTE” is pure rhythm, pulsating with heady throbbing thumps. Whereas “BUBBLY” rides a pungent favela funk beat topped by swirling colouration.

The title track, featuring Mc Baby Perigosa and Mr J.Medeiros, merges tasty reggaeton and favela funk, opening on a potent thumping rhythm as hip-hop-like vocals imbue the lyrics with sing-song-like flows.

“RETROBANA,” with Manie Gang,” starts with savours of ‘50s big band sound and then rolls into electrifying washes of brass, bobbing and weaving with funky impetus. The feel and mood of the track boils with party oomph.

Innovative and oh so seductive because of its provocative rhythms, BANG BANG displays the infectious quality of Latin American music.

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