Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail release new visuals for LOVE – Watch Now

Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail release new visuals for LOVE - Watch Now

LOVE is the final single to be taken from the award-winning, audio-visual collaboration between Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail. The track is accompanied by a stunning video, which we unveil today. Featuring drone footage shot around the sublime landscapes of Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland, a young runner seamlessly crosses over borders between the UK and the EU, representing, youth, hope, and the future. With sublime footage that combines both borders spiritual message whilst showcasing the natural beauty of the Irish landscape, LOVE is a fitting final chapter to the Borders project.

With the current health crisis, new borders are being erected and enforced the world over however as with nature, a theme which runs deep throughout the Borders album the virus knows no borders, race or creed. Love, community, compassion, and a hope for a better future, are all central motifs in the final visual release from Borders, ideas that are more important than ever.

Check out the stunning visuals for LOVE – BELOW:

The track is also included in a new, extended digital release of the Borders album which was released on Friday 17 April.

A symphony of electronic and analogue components combine to enhance the live Borders show beyond its natural boundary. With drone footage of the Irish border and countryside, string players, classical composi9on and vocal appearances from Moya Brennan and Stephen James Smith, the assault of the senses from Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail rivals that of any in Ireland, and it has taken them from deepest Mexico to the Berlin Wall. The Borders album won the Best Album category in the 2019 Northern Irish Music Prize

‘We were writing the record during the early stages of the Brexit talks and for us it felt like a massive piece of history unfolding right in front of us. The idea was we were sound-tracking all these emotions that were being forced on us daily and trying to make sense of it through music. Over the last month or so, Brexit has become a meaningless drop in the ocean. Now, more than ever we need to realise that the world is only as strong as its weakest members. We’re in this together.’

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