East Belfast Singer-Songwriter JOHN ANDREWS Releases Stunning New EP - Listen to Track

East Belfast Singer-Songwriter JOHN ANDREWS Releases Stunning New EP - Listen to Track

Gritty, honest and not shying away from his inner self, step into the world of Singer-Songwriter John Andrews with his colourful characters and lessons learned. As a child growing up in a religious background in East Belfast, John attended one of Ian Paisley's churches from an early age, where his mother still plays the organ there.

His roots shine through his songwriting which couldn't have come from anywhere but Northern Ireland. Cutting his teeth on the Belfast scene, John has become a firm favourite showcasing events regularly throughout the city, last year playing at Sunflower Fest, Fiele Fest and Eastside Arts Festival.

He's taken some time out from his solo EP in 2014 which was co-produced by Rev D Wayne ( Alabama 3) and now he's back with 'Johnny Was' EP, where he is once again, very much wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Influences include Tom Waits, Frank Sinatra, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Ray Charles.

Listen to 'Love Letter' from the 'Johnny Was' EP - BELOW:


" John Andrews has a distinctive voice like he's been soaked in a vat of bourbon. His music incorporates Blues, Jazz and experimental tendencies verging into Folk and Punk. His lyrics frequently present atmospheric portraits of grotesque, often seedy characters and places although he has a penchant for more conventional ballads - Paul McMordie - Guitar Festival

"One of Belfast's most original artists to emerge from the Belfast underground scene. John Andrews has whipped up a hybrid of Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop that is all his own. There is death, danger and darkness in this man's music, the feeling is palpable, however, he redeems the effect with true Belfast Wit and a soaring tenor that pulls at the heart. John Andrews might just be the real deal" Declan Corr

John Andrews - 'Johnny Was' EP Tracklist:

1. Pray
3. Wolves feat Decky Corr
4. Love Letter
5. Lovesick Blues

1. John Andrews - Facebook
2. John Andrews - You Tube

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