DALTON CYR unveils his new, deeply personal single 'Dying To Love You' - Watch Video

DALTON CYR unveils his new, deeply personal single 'Dying To Love You' - Watch Video

"Dying To Love You", the new single from LA singer-songwriter Dalton Cyr, who many might also recognise from the hit TV series Pretty Little Liars, is, it could be said, his most personal to date and highlights how he's not afraid to share his thoughts and feelings about events in his life with the world.

Addressing his choices and decisions that have resulted in some rather negative relationships, "DTLY" is a song many will no doubt find themselves relating to, adding an extra personal touch to an already almost 'intimate' song.

While the subject matter itself is quite painful, Cyr says the creation of the song, the video for which was released earlier this week, was anything but. "For me, the process of writing, recording, and filming "Dying To Love You" may have been the easiest of my career so far," he shares. "For a song that delves into my own problematic choices that have led to some hurtful and toxic relationships, the actual art-making was a joy. I've worked for quite a long time with producer Mikal Blue and director Julian Davis, and there's a certain groove you enter with a comfortable team around you that is hard to explain."

He adds: "The only way I can describe it is that it is similar to competing with the same athletes on a team for years. At a certain point, you become so in tune with your collaborators that your strengths begin to cover for other weaknesses and vice versa. There were multiple times throughout production that Julian and Mikal would make adjustments and creative choices that were on my mind before I even had the chance to utter them out loud. That's a great team and something you desperately want to have for a creative process as deeply personal as "Dying To Love You" has been."

Watch 'Dying To Love You' - BELOW:

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