BOOK REVIEW: Ziggy Marley – Music Is In Everything

Ziggy Marley - Music Is In Everything

Back in 2020, Ziggy Marley teamed up with Lisa Loeb to release a catchy and infectious song that will get people of all ages to sing along called “Music Is in everything”. This song which was featured on Marley’s More Family Time LP has now been made into a lyric book for children with illustrations by Ag Jatkowska.

The beauty of Jatkowska’s illustrations is the crayon-like simplicity whilst being inviting and bright and detailed. The illustrations themselves will undoubtedly encourage young children who will draw out happy family scenes in nature and the home playing with homemade and improvised instruments.

Ziggy Marley is not the first artist to have a song adapted to a children’s book. The White Stripes “We’re Going to Be Friends” and John Lennon’s “Imagine” have both been adapted and won over the hearts of young children as well as the adults who read the books too. Whilst musically “Music Is in everything” has seldom in common with “We’re Going to Be Friends” and “Imagine”, the lyrics of each of these three songs have an innocent, hopeful and uplifting purity to them. With the right illustrations, the songs come to life in the book without requiring any audio input.

With more people believing music to be “part of our DNA” and “seven in ten” people saying that they could not live without music, there is nothing about this song anyone can disagree with. Something vital as music can at times be a risk of not being accessed or reached by all audiences. The positivity of music which comes across in Ziggy’s Music Is In Everything reminds us of the need to support professional musicians and to ensure people, enter and stay in the industry and continue to innovate the sounds and beats that can be created. The number of people studying music is nosediving whilst many musicians are considering leaving the industry “shortly”.

From providing enjoyment music also helps people relax, provides energy and motivation and is conducive to positive health and well-being. Music is in everything and the song provides all of this. Furthermore with lyrics including “Listen to the ocean sing” and “Tree dance as the wind blows”, it will encourage children to study soundscapes. Parents will be relieved that they don’t have to invest in costly instruments to bring out their children’s musicality as “Pots and pans make good sound” along with rice shakers. Music is in everything and contains a simple step-by-step guide on making rice shakers.

The only thing left out is the ego, instead, an emphasis is placed on families coming together, playing music and dancing. Music is in everything is Ziggy Marley’s fourth children’s book and his third to feature illustrator Ag Jatkowska. “Music is in everything” is the third song of Marley’s to be adapted into a children’s book.

Music is in everything is a perfect way for people of all ages to celebrate music. This book is also a testament to how sacrosanct music is along with the importance of access and opportunities to entertain and innovate through music.


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