beaux marks the release of his anticipated new EP with the new single – ‘all of this (and more)’


beaux marks the release of his anticipated new EP how can i sleep? i’m wide awake with the new single, all of this (and more). Out now via Dirty Hit, his new EP follows a sold out debut headline show at London’s Camden Assembly last week.

The slinky strut of ‘all of this (and more)’ shares a stream-of-consciousness story based upon the thoughts that enter beaux’s mind whilst trying to fall asleep at night. Embodying the theme of the EP as a whole, the 23-year-old’s signature breezy choruses paired with glistening production capture his endearing take on alternative pop at its best.

“I started making ‘all of this (and more)’ with Hoost when we were still in lockdown. We started the idea on Zoom and then bounced it backwards and forwards over email,” explains beaux. “I wrote a top line and some lyrics, and recorded it at home, but then ended up re-recording everything three different times with Hoost earlier this year because there was a very specific way I wanted my vocal to sound and it took me a while to sing it exactly right. Hoost is insanely talented and the nicest guy, it was sick getting to work with him so much for this song.”

Watch the video for ‘all of this (and more)’ – BELOW:

While beaux’s early releases were created during the pandemic, meaning he had little cause to think about performing his songs live, EP four came to form as live music returned, and he began booking gigs with his backing band (comprised of his neighbour Tate on bass and drummer Lyle) – events that had a big impact on where he wants to take his music now.

Exchanging his bedroom for the studio, how can i sleep? i’m wide awake features more live instruments and real drums, a path he wants to explore further as he progresses with his music. Tracks like ‘benadryl’ and ‘let’s go’ course with the raucous energy of Green Day, both intended to capture the feeling of being “in the moment” and form new anthems dedicated to young love. ‘can’t help but let you down’ cuts a more tender – but no less addictive – form, glistening melodies underpinning beaux’s lyrics about his mum. “You helped me out on the weekend / When I was stressed for that meeting,” he sings in a gentle hush. “But when it’s you needing me / And you start calling, I can’t help but let you down.”

“how can i sleep? i’m wide awake” is a collection of thoughts I’ve had as I’m laying in bed, “you know when your mind is just bouncing from one random thought to another, like a pre-dream journal.” notes beaux. “There’s not being able to sleep because I’m so excitedly in love, then there’s worrying about not doing enough for my mum, and there’s feeling disconnected from my hometown because it’s changed so much in my lifetime and yet it still feels special because my family and my memories are there. It’s all the things that keep me up, for better or worse.”

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