ANOTHER SKY announce 'Music For Winter Vol. 1' EP - Out 1st Jan 2021

ANOTHER SKY announce 'Music For Winter Vol. 1' EP - Out 1st Jan 2021
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On the first day of 2021, Another Sky will release their latest body of work, an EP entitled, "Music For Winter Vol. I". Consisting of singles "It Keeps Coming" and "Sun Seeker", the EP follows the band’s much-acclaimed 2020 debut album "I Slept On The Floor".

"Winter is the perfect time for sombre music," says Catrin Vincent, vocalist and lyricist of Another Sky.

On how the project came together, Vincent explains, "some songs are old, some are new, all are entirely collaborative. After being kept apart because of the lockdown and writing a bunch of our second album separately, we just wanted to get back into our studio and record." The entire EP was recorded, produced and mixed by the band themselves at their South London studio, The Lighthouse, in October 2020.

"Where do we find our portable paradises?" - Catrin found herself staring at this very poem by Roger Robinson on the London Underground in March 2020.

For the first time in six years, the band couldn't see each other, and the band's bassist Naomi was able to sit still long enough to confront her intense fear of going to hell for being in a same-sex relationship, due to a Christian upbringing.

Catrin explains, "after lockdown eased, myself and Naomi revisited the opening track 'Pieces', an old track originally sung by Naomi. We wrote lyrics together from an imagined conversation with a loved one telling Naomi she was going to hell."

Naomi’s journey became the lyrical foundation for each of these six songs as Catrin drew universal comparisons with others' lives; "a struggle with identity, walking past churches you are no longer part of and the person you become when you are in pain. If there is no end in sight of struggle, where are our white sands, green hills and fresh fish? If we can't ever truly escape, which is what we were exploring in our debut album 'I Slept On The Floor', can we carry paradise in ourselves?"

Naomi adds about her experience, "It’s so easy to push things to the back of your mind. You never really know the impact this has on you until it becomes overbearing, and you're forced to address it. I found it incredibly cathartic to tackle these issues head-on by visualising certain situations and being able to say whatever I needed to say, both in therapy and in writing music”.

Listen to ‘It Keeps Coming’ - BELOW:

The band are currently recording their second full-length album which is anticipated to drop in 2021. "Music For Winter Volume. II" is also set to be released winter 2021.

Another Sky’s debut album I Slept On The Floor proved to the world just how vital the words of lyricist and vocalist Catrin Vincent truly are. Her poetic rage has been titular in Another Sky’s story, grappling with the topics of toxic relationships, childhood trauma, systematic elitism, Brexit Britain, the rise of Donald Trump and much more. Juxtaposed against the horizon reaching sound of guitarist Jack Gilbert, bassist Naomi Le Dune and drummer Max Doohan, Another Sky sound like nothing and nobody else. Yet the exciting part? This really is just the beginning.

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