Album Review: Lonely the Brave – Things Will Matter


Album Review: Lonely the Brave - Things Will Matter

Lonely the Brave are another in a swathe of acts leaping into the music scene from Cambridge area. Their initial success came following the release of their awesome 2014 début The Days War and 2 years on, they have now released their second album Things Will Matter. With The Days War they set themselves a hard record to follow and although the single Rattlesnakes proves they can do it you have to ask, is the proof in the pudding?

Well in truth, on the first couple of listens I might have said no. It all seemed a little more of same from start to finish with David Jakes’ Vedder-esque vocals set to the same volume and power regardless of the backing. It is however on subsequent listens that the albums true colours emerge through a haze of catchy stadium rock and becomes truly infectious.

The band have set their sights on a big game and their delivery is spot on, they stand well apart from their peers and even have elements in this album that remind me of an early 90s Pearl Jam (think Vs era). To my ear, there’s even a guitar section of the Rattlesnakes bridge that seems to have been inspired by that album. Comparisons aside, the album is big, bold and anthemic, contains some great minor chord vocal harmonies amongst a series of catchy rock tunes that have struck a balance between ferocity and serenity to create something quite excellent!

Overall, Things Will Matter is more a collection of singles than an album in the truest sense. Each song has its own merits and flows into the next, but as a result of their similarities rather than being thematic. It is however an enjoyable and great commercial attempt from the band. The tracks are very much single release and stadium ready so I can see this one being a great success as a result.

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