ALBUM REVIEW: Glassio – See You Shine


ALBUM REVIEW: Glassio – See You Shine

Brooklyn, New York-based dream-pop/electro-indie artist Glassio, aka Sam R. Born, releases his new album, See You Shine, which chronicles a young adult’s exodus from a small town into the deserts of Arizona seeking a new life.

Dedicated to the artist’s late father, See You Shine also deals with resilience when confronting grief and loss. Described as a spiritual ode to “picking up the pieces after a large boom,” the album blends ‘80s and ‘90s electronic elements with flavours of ‘70s country.

Glassio arrived on the scene in 2016, releasing the debut single, “Try Much Harder,” which rocketed up to No. 9 on Spotify’s Global Viral charts. This was followed by a series of popular singles. In 2018, Glassio performed at SXSW, where they were named one of the best electronic acts.

After Glassio became a solo project, Sam R. Born released his Age of Experience EP, amassing more than five million streams. The summer of 2020 saw Glassio release his debut album, For The Very Last Time, which Bandcamp named one of the year’s best electronic albums. The lead singles “Nobody Stayed for the DJ” and “A Million Doubts” both made it to No. 1 on Hype Machine.

Encompassing 17-tracks, highlights on See You Shine include “Queen of the Silver City,” opening on deep, resonant sounds which flow into a contagious electro-pop melody full of buoyancy and synths.

“The Weekend” conjures up suggestions of Howard Jones and the Talking Heads, with its new wave feel and baroque vocals. “Everybody I Know Moved To LA” travels on a measured rhythm topped by dreamy washes of sonic textures. Glassio’s wistful vocals imbue the lyrics with a lingering nostalgia.

Teeming with electronic dance dynamics, “If Love Is All It Takes” rolls out on a propulsive rhythm as pulsating synths and Glassio’s velvety voice ride overhead. “Miranda Says” merges hints of country with shimmering surf-laced electronica, reminiscent of the Beach Boys crossed with Christopher Cross.

Low-slung and glistening, “Dynamites” features gentle layers of dream-pop, riding a delicious rhythmic flow. Gliding vocals imbue the lyrics with indulgent, glowing timbres. A personal favourite, “Breakaway,” pushes out tasty layers of captivating feel-good momentum.

Dripping with retro essence and silky-smooth, evocative vocals, See You Shine offers an extensive array of alluring melodies and tantalising rhythms. There isn’t a single lacklustre track. Glassio has put together a gem of an album.

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