Album Review: Dave Hause – ‘Bury Me In Philly’


Album Review: Dave Hause - 'Bury Me In Philly'

When it comes to fronting bands, Dave Hause certainly has an impressive resumé, having led The Curse, The Loved Ones, and most recently, The Falcon. Also a seasoned veteran of the Revival Tour, performing alongside artists such as Brian Fallon, Frank Turner, and Chuck Ragan, it’s difficult to deny that when the Philadelphia native really shines, it’s as a solo artist. Fresh off the Vox Populi Tour opening for Against Me! and Bad Religion, Dave is also set to blaze Europe in the coming weeks promoting his newest record, Bury Me In Philly – his 3rd studio album, and his first release since Devour in 2013.

Co-produced by Eric Bazilian of The Hooters, and his childhood hero William Wittmann, who has previously been involved in production with Cyndi Lauper and Mick Jagger, Dave’s newest content is built on solid foundations, and comprised of unclouded emotion. Bury Me In Philly is a first-class example of Hause’s passion and sneering punk posture, perfectly harnessed into an aurally pleasing, melodic arrangement spanning 11 compositions.

The record appropriately opens with the inaugural single, With You – an empathetic track depicting loneliness and heartache, as Hause encourages the listener to take a risk with him as ‘we’ll all be dead soon.’ From here, ‘Bury Me In Philly’ takes us in hand through a nostalgic, Springsteen inflected personal journey in tribute to the place that clutches his heart and refuses to relinquish. A journey illustrated beautifully in Helluva Home, with the assistance of a country style harmonica and bassline, which then crosses borders into The Ride – a much grittier ode to Phildelphia in which Hause muses ‘it’s a hell of a ride to take, even if we crash.’

While the album is predominantly centred around individual rumination, in genuine punk rock fashion, Dave also intelligently utilises Bury Me In Philly as a platform on which to proudly stand and defiantly challenge the ‘dirty fuckers’ and ‘corner cutting sons of bitches’ of today – a subject which will, without doubt, be of deafening resonance to many. And as an artist who has recently partaken in marches for Women’s Rights, it’s refreshing that Hause is a man unafraid to align his actions alongside his compelling words.

Bury Me In Philly unapologetically depicts Dave Hause’s loyalty to his home and his personal beliefs through his natural talent with language, and immense passion for music. The album also highlights his intrepid willingness to experiment with an alternative style of music, along with his meticulous attention to detail. The result being that there are no filler tracks on this record – each song is well composed and executed with precision. When Frank Turner referred to Dave as ‘A true diamond in the punk rock rough,’ he wasn’t lying.

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