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Barry Alexander King
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Pop-rock, indie singer-songwriter Barry Alexander King releases his brand-new album, BAK3. Born in the UK, Barry started his musical career in the late ‘90s, playing in bands and performing throughout the UK, Germany, and Southern Europe. Later, he put down roots in Germany, where he became involved in two original bands. In time, the bands dissolved, followed by Barry taking a break to focus on family.

In 2018, Barry released his first solo album, Leave It All Behind, followed by 2020’s Break Down the Borders, which embraced environmental and existential motifs.

Encompassing nine tracks, BAK3 begins with “Facetune_Autotune,” a song about society’s fixation with visual perfection via social media, which opens on potent, gleaming guitars atop a rumbling rhythm pushing the tune along with compelling force. Barry’s easy-to-listen-to vocals imbue the lyrics with delicious timbres.

Highlights include “Can’t Take Anymore of You,” a pop-punk-flavoured tune brimming with surging energy and a contagious flow. Gang-like vocal harmonies give the song luscious vehemence. Whereas “Try to Carry On” travels on softer, almost jangly textures, Barry’s silky voice infuses the lyrics with tender tones.

“Some Day I Will Fly” rolls out on glimmering guitars riding a captivating, straightforward rhythm. There are warm, seductive pop savours bathing this song, at once gentle and alluring, as if gliding through the skies, ascending to the heavens.

Beginning with a fluttering bassline, “Cosmic” transitions into an edgy indie-rock tune packed with low-slung, raw dynamics – careening percussion, manifest, underlying restlessness, and fluctuating vocal textures.

“The Flame” features Barry’s velvety vocals, infused by gentle, luminous textures, giving the lyrics hints of heartache and suffusions of remembrance. A dazzling guitar, controlled and rife with lingering notes, imbues the harmonics with melancholic expressions.

According to Barry, “The Flame” is an autobiographical tale about past relationships and personal fulfilment. With BAK3, Barry Alexander King offers a diverse collection of excellent songs, ranging from sweet melodicism to punchy indie rock.

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