ALBUM REVIEW: Adna – Black Water

ALBUM REVIEW: Adna – Black Water

Swedish born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Adna released her album Black Water a few days ago, an album flavoured by both shadowy and warm textures.

Black Water follows her previous trio of albums, Night, released in 2014, followed by 2015’s Run, Lucifer, and Closure, which dropped in 2017. After releasing the last album, Adna played a packed Eurosonic showcase and toured Germany, the UK, France, and Scandinavia.

Often likened to Bon Iver and Daughter, Adna has amassed more than 50 million streams, including “Beautiful Hell,” “Night,” and “The Prettiest,” all of which received millions of streams.

Of the 10-tracks on Black Water, entry points include “Kad Procvatu Behari,” an exquisite cover of Shaderwan Code’s beautiful song. Adna’s evocative, lush voice imbues the lyrics with luscious melancholic timbres.

“The spring is inside us / When it melts with tears / And the desert blossoms / Showing the image of Jannah.”

The title track travels on dark, almost haunting colours, topped by Adna’s passionate vocals. As the tune proceeds, it takes on more luminous accents, giving the harmonics tantalizing surfaces. “Don’t Know” merges pop savours with soft electro-pop hues, offering tantalizing layers of shimmering washes. The fleet, rumbling-lite percussion imbues the rhythm with trembling echoes.

“You Are” foams with dream-pop-laced veneers, while Adna’s graceful tones receive emphasis from the radiant backing harmonies, glowing with soft suffusions. A personal favourite, the cashmere, glistening colouration of “Elsewhere” forms delectable gentle tiers of shimmering hues.

Elusively dark yet rippling with shining patinas, Black Water is at once melancholic and sanguine, while Adna’s splendid voice provides the delectable icing on the cake.

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