ZHEANI announces new EP ‘I Hate People On The Internet’ – Watch video for new single ‘Napalm’

ZHEANI announces new EP ‘I Hate People On The Internet’ - Watch video for new single ‘Napalm’
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To date, Zheani has built a reputation for writing culturally poignant music that chastises many of the problems rife within the modern world. Her latest release, ‘Napalm’, is no different. It is a track that foreshadows many of the themes contained within her upcoming EP, ‘I Hate People On The Internet’, as she explores everything from pain to horror, guilt, vengeance, salvation, and crucially, hate.

The single is a testament to her stature as a leading voice within the underground pop and heavy music scene, as she continues to be a person who is unafraid to speak her mind and highlight the uncomfortable truths that many people experience.

‘Napalm’ follows the release of ‘Fuck The Hollywood Cult’, which was released in October 2021 and has already gained nearly half a million streams, proving once again the presence of a strong and passionate fanbase that has helped Zheani amass 175,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, millions of views on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

Watch the video for ‘Napalm’ – BELOW:

‘I Hate People On The Internet’ has been produced by Zheani, King Yosef and Mik Shida, with additional production by Catherine Marks. It is set to be released on 23rd March 2022 via Dirty Hit, with the EP artwork still to come. The full tracklist for the EP is available to see below.

Speaking about ‘I Hate People On The Internet’, Zheani said: “The majority of my audience, if I’m being completely honest, are the people that the ‘creative’ industry look down on and silently judge. And I want them to prove that pretentious and shallow judgement to be wrong. I want them to strive for more. I want them to know they are only as valuable as the value they claim for themselves, not the value this sick world places on them. I never want them to give up. I want them to keep trying. When you’re not born into privilege, love, or stability at the very least, you only get what you take in this life.”

‘I Hate People On The Internet’ Tracklist

Designer Sadness
You Saw
Fuck The Hollywood Cult
Skin Walker
We’re All Going To Die

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