2019 promises to be a great year for new music. XS Noize has compiled the following up and coming acts we think will definitely make a big dent in the music scene in the next 12 months. Check them out below.



Widely regarded as a stand-out song from Hafdis Huld’s current album ‘Dare to Dream Small’, new single ‘Violet’ is remixed by co-writer and Grammy award-winning writer/producer Tim Gordine. Pulsing yet subtle beats provide a dark brooding underscore to Hafdis’s trademark mixture of light and shade. A series of exquisite hooks deliver an ethereal and emotional call to arms.

Championing inner strength, confidence and peace, the song tracks the journey to self-empowerment for a selfie generation riddled with anxiety. In capturing the moment where we lose our childish self without our fully-formed adult self firmly in place, she reminds us that we project our strongest identity to the outside world when we’re the most lost.

Released through Red Grape Music, ‘Violet’ captures a painful moment in everyone’s lives and reminds us there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Check out the video for ‘Violet’ – BELOW:



Please meet the Mickey 9s…A band who are about the explode on the UK music scene. Mickey 9s are a raucous live band from Glasgow who plays funky metallic dance music with sharp-witted lyrics and a wild stage persona. They convert many who encounter them in their raving ways. There is no longer any need for chords and choruses… there is no longer any need for love songs or sad songs, for this music transcends Earthly emotion. The followers of the masked shaman know the way to the future.

They are building a fanatical live underground following across the country from large festivals to their own legendary underground raves. An independent documentary about Mickey 9s fans is to be screened at international film festivals in 2018.

They won The Scottish Alternative Music Award (SAMA) for Best Live Act. They are about to release their 2nd studio album proper and are in the studio writing their 3rd. The followers are growing.

You can see the music video filmed across 50 locations, 5 continents, with over 100 different people of all ages, and ZERO budget at – BELOW:


The Moods are coming to the end of an incredible summer of festivals and gigs, that has seen over 15,000 attend their live shows, festival slots & headline tour dates across the UK. Crowds, press and music industry bloggers have been blown away, by the pure energy, enthusiasm and dance vibe that the moods bring to any stage.

It’s infectious and we dare anyone not to dance. The Summer single carnival was a massive worldwide smash, 20,000 streams, played in 50 countries and heard on over 45 UK, National. Regional and global FM/AM radio stations. One more festival awaits, Music from The North, at Band on the Wall, Manchester on 15th December, will bring to a deafening crescendo, a momentous year for the moods. (£11.50 / 7pm)

Keep Your Powder Dry is raw, live and explosive. The Moods at their breathtaking best. Making people dance, “A party on & off the stage”.This brand new film captures the power of the performance & moments when, band and crowd, “meld as one”, as a sweat-drenched, packed out venue, erupts into a full-blown stage invasion. Result, the whole venue is bouncing and raving to the song.

Check out the video for ‘Keep Your Powder Dry’ – BELOW:


In October 2018 Morrissey & Marshall returned to the studio in the middle of their tour of the UK and Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and Germany, to record an acoustic version of their debut album ‘And So It Began’. Morrissey says “We had an overwhelming reaction to the acoustic release of our second record in late 2017, so we’ve decided to go back to the beginning and record ‘And So It Began, Again… Acoustically. In addition to these new recordings, the award-winning duo has added 3 bonus songs.

“We had an overwhelming reaction to the acoustic release of our second record in late 2017, so we’ve decided to go back to the beginning and record ‘And So It Began, Again… Acoustically’. When we first moved from Dublin to London, and started writing these songs, our only tools were two acoustic guitars and two vocals. You could say that this is actually the way that the songs were intended to be heard.

Check out ‘Shes Got Love’ – BELOW:


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