WOODENBOX - Give track by track rundown of 3rd album 'Foreign Organ'

WOODENBOX - Give track by track rundown of 3rd album 'Foreign Organ'

Showcasing their most mature, direct and soulful writing to date, Foreign Organ is the culmination of Woodenbox rising up to the pressures of being a modern band. Faced with the demands of new material, the six-piece found themselves re-evaluating the way their new songs came to be. The conversion of their rehearsal rooms of the last five years into a self-built Woodenbox studio proved the gateway. Now, after a year-long focus, they have emerged with their most accomplished album to date.

Partly fuelled by post-referendum blues, Foreign Organ is a realisation that it was time to change things, time to look to the future. This is the sound of a group with a bigger sense of purpose. Much as in the same way that Scotland is a changed country after 2014, Foreign Organ is the vehicle for Woodenbox to truly find their own voice with a bigger sense of purpose. With that, is the desire to make sure they count for something more.

Track By Track by Ali Downer (Woodenbox frontman)

1. Somewhere New is an idea of utopia in the very place you exist...what happens when the buildings are gone? will the wildlife be able to survive? or have they adapted to the urban lifestyle?...will the only thing left be plastic?....

2. Life Decays is the idea of missing out on something by chasing the translucent pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Mix that with wishing your life away by wanting more.

3. More Girl Than Friend is the lost part of the friendship where primal needs overwhelm all else and sex is the only conversation that's needed yet the desire is never satisfied. The song also features Alex Kenzel and Cat Calton from our label mates, Skinny Dipper.

4. Roberto is the dark side of modern financial stresses.

5. A9 North is the conversation you have with your lover that always happens on the long drive somewhere. You make new plans as you are going somewhere, new but you always forget about them when you get home.

6. Directions And My Boy is a message to your son...don't waste your time in a job you don't like ...never take the money over the dream.

7. Face Able is the annoying addictions of social networking.

8. Carbon Mold is a song to the band if he existed as a man.

9. Rust is the inability to be confident in yourself without always backing down...shake off the rust and do what you need.

10. Scotland what else needs to be said. The last song on the album was written after the referendum.

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