WIRE documentary 'People In A Film' in the works - Crowdfunding campaign online now

WIRE documentary 'People In A Film' in the works - Crowdfunding campaign online now

Wire are the definitive post-punk band. Now there’s going to be a documentary about them. Released in 1977, Wire’s debut album ‘Pink Flag’ was like nothing before it – 21 tracks of bold dada statement, with several songs under a minute.  Forty years later in 2017, their most recent album ‘Silver/Lead’ was lauded by the music press at large, with The Guardian citing it as "some of the strongest tunes they've ever done". Whilst the majority of their new wave peers trade on their 70s hits, Wire refuses to look back, remaining focused on the future and making new work which is, in the words of The Quietus: "defiantly modern".   

For the first time Wire are collaborating on a feature documentary about themselves.  This film aims to express the very essence of Wire – the personalities, their music, their worldview, their history and their future.

This is a film which will go beyond the over-familiar conventions of the standard music documentary. Wire are working with seasoned director and producer Malcolm Boyle and award-winning writer and producer Graham Duff, to create a film that has the humour, unpredictability, surrealist edge and creative agility of a Wire song. The name of this documentary is People In A Film’.

People In A Film - crowdfunding taster from Malcolm Boyle on Vimeo.

You can help make this documentary about this most unique and influential of British bands happen.

 Initial shooting has already started, capturing Wire in the legendary Rockfield Studios recording a new album, as well as extensive in-depth interviews with Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Grey, Matthew Simms and Bruce Gilbert. The team also shot footage of a special one-off event which reunited Wire's original line-up.

They are now seeking supporters to help us complete the next stage of the film. They initially need financial support for the researching and sourcing of archive materials, and to shoot further interviews with key players in the Wire story. More information can be found at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/wirefilm

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