Why Is Background Music An Important Factor In Websites And Apps?

Why Is Background Music An Important Factor In Websites And Apps?
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Background music and sounds have become almost synonymous with websites and apps over time, and for a good reason. While loud noises will always likely prove off-putting to most, a low level of background music can work wonders in many areas according to studies carried out over the years.

One of the first things background music on a website or an app can do is to help set the scene. The site may be an online casino for example, and therefore it may want to provoke specific emotions in players who visit, such as a relaxed feel at one end of the spectrum, and high energy the other. In fact, even down to the slot games on offer, will have music to enhance the experience. So getting visitors in the right frame of mind when using an app or visiting a website is one of the keys to success, and something background music can help with immensely.

With smartphones and tablets now capable of a lot more than they used to be, there are apps out there, such as those for image and video editing which require a reasonable degree of creativity. The Journal of Consumer research carried out a study that showed loud noise impaired thinking, but that low-level ambient noise increase creativity. Therefore, proving that creative minds are encouraged by the right type and level of background music.

There have been multiple gaming apps which have gone viral over the years, and one thing that they have in common is the background music that accompanies them. We’ve seen how integral music and soundtracks are to games over the decades, and now the same relationship is being built where gaming apps are concerned. Players are somewhat drawn into games by the music, especially the sounds to hit titles such as Mario Kart Tour, with the soundtracks instantly recognisable to anyone who has played.

The background music of websites is perhaps less necessary, but this doesn’t mean sound, in general, isn’t essential. For example, sound effects and the ability for a website to play sounds has become crucial when making a platform accessible to everyone, especially those who may be visually impaired. CAPTCHA fields are more common than ever, and audio alternatives are a godsend for those who may struggle to read what’s displayed.

Sounds are also useful when navigating a website and interacting with it. They can indicate to a user that they have made a click on a specific option, or that a live chat console, for example, is available. In a way, sounds can help someone browsing a website keep track of what they’re doing, and that’s never a bad thing.

Background music and sound have considerable influence when it comes to apps and websites in multiple ways. It’s perfect for the entertainment value as you’d expect, but it’s also crucial for connecting a user to what’s happening and in the right frame of mind as well. Sound is also functional, making everything accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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