WENDY JAMES - Former Transvision Vamp star releases double a-side singles from new LP

WENDY JAMES - Former Transvision Vamp star releases double a-side singles from new LP

Wendy James is releasing her second 7” single taken from her new LP ‘THE PRICE OF THE TICKET’. The two tracks, double a-sides, are YOU’RE A DIRTBOMB, LESTER + FAREWELL TO LOVE. Both are live favourites and are also two of her personal favourites from her recent album THE PRICE OF THE TICKET.

AA side: YOU’RE A DIRTBOMB, LESTER - is a pure garage, new wave, forceful, powerful steam-roller of a song, with some of her most exceptional lyrics on the LP. Detailing a time when she lived in the then broken down Gramercy Park Hotel in Lower Manhattan and lived wide-eyed every moment, seeking out the sites of Andy Warhol’s Factory, Max’s Kansas City, The Bowery, CBGB, mixing with denizens of Lower Manhattan, Graffiti Artists, Downtown Musicians, Painters, Writers and imagining one of her all time female icons Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s delectable superstar, walking the same streets... through to a more philosophical third verse whereupon she quotes notable moments in history and the great American author Mark Twain, she suggests the force of energy to create and make progress is innate within us, whatever period of time you are born into and whatever mode of communication you choose: music, science, art, letters, politics and it is an unstoppable and wondrous energy.

The title is in honor of the legendary rock journalist for Creem and Rolling Stone Magazine, author LESTER BANGS (Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung).

AA side:FAREWELL TO LOVE - Wendy’s end-of-the-line cowboy ballad for the finish of a love affair, so delicately and beautifully presented! She says: “I’m a harmony and backing vocal girl. I love harmonies and backing vocals and I love when my voice sings to my voice: the texture blends and becomes very full, very pure. Whether it’s Bacharach and David (all their wonderful songs with Dionne Warwick) especially so their original soundtrack for the movie ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, in particular ‘South American Getaway’ or Keith Richards in his song ‘All About You’ on The Rolling Stones album ‘Emotional Rescue’ and on my song ‘Farewell To Love’, the harmonies evoke June Carter Cash and The Carter Family, Loretta Lynn, and Patsy Cline. Lenny Kaye plays the most wonderful (chorus echo) guitar melody in answer to my rhythm guitar, weaving in and out with simplicity and precision, he has the perfect touch.

I’ve mixed Glen Matlock’s bass up loud on this song, it sounds like he’s in his own skin, so easy, so effortless, it sounds like he’s enjoying every note! I watched him across the live room as we tracked it and he was just bobbing along, eyes closed, really in a good place! James Sclavunos drumming, as always, he conducts us and makes the song groove and soar high. I overdubbed a delicate Wurlitzer piano part echoing Lenny’s guitar melody line. That’s all it is, it doesn’t need a single thing more. Lyrically it’s “get-out-of-town!”. The waste of time listening to someone go round in circles under the impression they’re saying something different to every time they’ve said the same thing before. When it’s done, it’s done and you can’t buy back character at the end.”

Listen to Wendy James discuss the making of 'The Price of the Ticket'BELOW:


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