VIDEO PREMIERE: Winn Winn – Pool Day

VIDEO PREMIERE: Winn Winn – Pool Day

Dance-pop duo Winn Winn introduces their debut single, “Pool Day,” following last year’s cover of “Young Folks.” Made up of Adam Winn, the drummer of the Echo Park-based band SWIMM, and his wife, Syd, Winn Winn merges hypnotic production and delicious, ethereal vocals into an alluring, throbbing musical concoctions. Co-produced by Obli (Foreign Family Collective) and Krsv, Winn Winn began as a creative way for the family to escape the monotony of the pandemic.

Talking about the track, Adam says, “‘Pool Day’ is a simple and honest love song inspired by our favourite summer pastime.”

“Pool Day” opens on pulsating tones backed by glowing synths, imbuing the tune with shimmering textures. Syd’s seductive voice infuses the lyrics with luxuriously silky timbres, at once erotic and beckoning. Percolating synths add effervescent tiers of sparkling depth and dimension.

Vaguely reminiscent of The Human League and Pet Shop Boys, there’s a restrained retro flow to the harmonics, as Syd’s breathy, suggestive vocals give the song dreamy sonic blushes while the mid-tempo dance rhythm thumps with driving energy.

Akin to an infinity pool, there’s a self-sustaining vibrant flow to “Pool Day,” simultaneously bewitching and imaginative.

Watch ‘Pool Day’ – BELOW:

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