VIDEO PREMIERE: We Are Strangers (Josh Kramon) Shares “Thirty Days” as heard on CW’s iZombie

TRACK PREMIERE: We Are Strangers (Josh Kramon) Shares "Thirty Days" as heard on CW's iZombie

We are Strangers is the brainchild of T.V and Film composer, Josh Kramon. He's best known for his weekly instrumental music for such acclaimed shows as "Veronica Mars", "iZombie," "Party Down" and "Lethal Weapon."

In this project, Josh is handling all songwriting and vocals. "Thirty Days" and most of the other songs explore his time in recovery and the universal human need for connection and how we often fail in our relationships and find redemption in moving on. He leans heavily on sounds from the late 70's and early 80's fusing together acoustic and electric guitars with lots of atmospheric vintage synths.

"I wrote Thirty Days at a time when I was pretty much running from everything and everyone in my life. It was my way of working out the inner conflict between blaming others for our downfall and just acknowledging that existence itself is what we're sometimes up against."

Watch the exclusive XS Noize video premiere of 'Thirty Days' - BELOW:


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