VIDEO PREMIERE: Toigo – We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken & Another Shade Of Blue


Vancouver singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Toigo, aka Zachary Toigo, unveils the double music video, “We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken” and “Another Shade Of Blue.”

Talking about his unique music, Toigo shares, “I view the world in ways that might seem different to some, but once I have the chance to put them into song, everything makes sense.”

Citing influences such as The Smiths and Prince, Toigo plays guitar, bass, and keyboards, blending his sound into music with retro ‘80s flavours. His prior releases include 2014’s Leafyleeks, followed by another full-length album, Mmm…, in 2018. The former revolved around alt-rock elements, while the latter exuded post-punk essence.

The first part of the video – “We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken” – was shot in Las Vegas and depicts Toigo, like Alice In Wonderland, dropping through a rabbit hole to struggle with his own ego. The second part of the video – “Another Shade Of Blue” – was shot in SoCal’s Joshua Tree Park.

“We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken” merges soft textures of alt-rock with aromas of alt-country. For some reason, the song conjures up suggestions of the Allan Parsons Project, probably because of Toigo’s plush, dreamy voice.

“Another Shade Of Blue” melds shoegaze leitmotifs with hints of psychedelia, resulting in a drifting, mystery-laced tune topped by Toigo’s slightly nasal voice.

Both parts are excellent; however, if pressed to choose one over the other, part 1, “We’ve Got Tonight To Leave Me Broken,” would take precedence.

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