VIDEO PREMIERE: The Naked Sun - "Secret We Both Know" - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Naked Sun - "Secret We Both Know" - Watch Now

The Naked Sun is a 6-piece roots-rock band from Philadelphia, PA. After releasing their debut album War With Shadows with the band's most moody sonic palette to date. 

Throughout, they explore love’s darker side - betrayal, heartbreak, secrets, lies and the aftermath. Songwriter Drew Harris was inspired to write these group of songs after witnessing the relationships of some of his closest friends suffer from the effects of secrets and lies. "Secret We Both Know" is the second single off of the upcoming EP from the Naked Sun. Shot by Bob Sweeney and co-directed by Hannah Myers, Drew Harris and Bob Sweeney. The track was recorded at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia, PA

"Think of the video as a palindrome (Hannah -> hannaH). The symmetry of the video is super important. It relies heavily on the symbols, the symmetry, and innuendo. Also, consider actions going forward and then backward, and pay close attention to when the video goes into black and white. It's a contemplative song and will require some thought from the viewer in order to glean the meaning of its visual representation. I'd rather make suggestions and allow the viewer to fill in the blanks." - Drew Harris, The Naked Sun

Check out the video for 'Secret We Both Know' - BELOW:

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