VIDEO PREMIERE: Tarot Cat – Am I Dreaming

VIDEO PREMIERE: Tarot Cat – Am I Dreaming

Los Angeles rap/metal outfit Tarot Cat introduces their brand-new music video, “Am I Dreaming.” With their rap-rock sound, akin to Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, and Limp Bizkit, Tarot Cat pushes right to the brink of the abyss with their hardcore music.

Made up of Matthew James (guitar), Razrfish, WTB (drums), and Lowsa (synths, production), Tarot Cat’s members’ storied backgrounds make them a tour de force – and they’re just getting started. Matthew comes from a jazz fusion, alt-rock context; Razrfish is a cowboy hailing from the suburbs who ended up in New York and New Jersey’s underground rap scene; WTB, the French punk hardcore drummer who stopped over in Berlin on his way to La La Land; and Lowsa – hacker, activist synth, and production guru who held out prior to joining.

“Am I Dreaming” opens with mom and dad exhorting their sons to be good while they’re gone, followed by the entry of a muscular rhythm topped by heavy guitars and rasping vocals. Imagine Slipknot covering Post Malone or Travis Scott, and you’ll have an idea of the thrumming potency of Tarot Cat’s sound.

A raging party takes place, replete with mannequins and silk robes, followed by two brothers rolling down the road in a red, convertible Bonneville. From there, they are joined by a strange woman wearing a diving mask in a plastic-wrapped room.

“Am I Dreaming” whacks listeners with a sonic blow to the eardrums, raw lyrics, and bizarre but fun visuals.

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