VIDEO PREMIERE: Supreme Unbeing – I, Prevail

VIDEO PREMIERE: Supreme Unbeing - I, Prevail

Supreme Unbeing has begun to understand the hardships, the ailments, and the pain that we humans must endure in our physical bodies with the release of their new single “I Prevail” today, ahead of their second album “Enduring Physicality” which comes out tomorrow 6th May 2022.

SUPREME UNBEING is a mysterious 5-piece rock/metal band led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red, with his fellow prophets D.Vine (Lead Guitar), D.Sciple (Rhythm Guitar), Unknown (Bass) and Al Mytee (Drums). Although the band just recently transformed from animated characters into real flesh and blood entities, their impact has been felt in the physical domain since the release (October 2020) of their debut full-length album Enter Reality which garnered an 8/10 rating in Metal Hammer (Greece) and a 3rd place in “Album of the Year 2020” according to the readers of Sweden Rock Magazine, amongst other noteworthy accomplishments such landing Spotify Editorial Playlist placements on Thrashers and New Metal Tracks, and combining a staggering +10 million digital and video streams since their debut.

Following the success of singles The Devil Smiles (Apr 1, 2022) one of the most played tracks on Spotify’s All-New Metal during weeks 14-15, Savior (Feb 25, 2022), Hide The Beast (Nov 26, 2021) & Face Of Evil (Oct 22, 2021), which already have combined +4 million views on Youtube, since their respective release dates, Supreme Unbeing unveil a fifth single, and music video, for the song I Prevail – a classic rock tune which will take you on a journey starting at rock-bottom, climbing your way to the top, by yourself.

“To be human means to find order through chaos – we all have our own problems, and challenges, when we try to navigate through life in these physical bodies, on a perceived mission of finding ourselves. Many fall into different temptations, abuse and violence which is often leads to the perpetual downward spiral. Are we always looking to hit that hard, cold, rock bottom before we can start the real fight, the way back to ourselves?” Says Zac Red with Swedish actor Dragomir Mrsic (known from Snabba Cash, and Edge Of Tomorrow co-starred along with Tom Cruise) making his finale, in the “mini-series” that the Supreme Unbeing music videos have become, by looking at himself from different vantage points, he ends this chapter by looking deep into his soul to find the same strength he used to turn his life around.

Overcoming his troubled past and personal challenges, to come out alive on the other side – prevailing over himself with the strength of his mind. “I realized a long time ago that I am not the only one who has had a tough and motley background. I have been on that rock bottom that the song talks about and got up – if I can, so you can. There is no reason to feel sorry about yourself when the timer of life is constantly counting down the hours and minutes you have left here on Earth, make sure to enjoy life to the fullest.” Says Dragomir Mrsic Mixed and mastered by grammy award-nominated producer & mix engineer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Arch Enemy, Amaranthe, Evergray and countless more), the album is available today on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all major streaming services.

“We are beginning to feel the physical ailments, and the limitations of being human… it feels like we are at the rock bottom of reality. But fear not, we will rise, we will prevail.” concludes Zac Red of Supreme Unbeing.

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