VIDEO PREMIERE: Summer Rain – Let Me Tell You

VIDEO PREMIERE: Summer Rain – Let Me Tell You 2

Canadian indie-rock band Summer Rain unveils the music video, "Let Me Tell You," a song about the complexities of love and relationships. Summer Rain comprises Logan Hale (drums), Josh Beausoleil (bass, vocals), and Will McLelland (guitar, vocals), while their sound summons up retro savours of the Beatles, as well as hints of J.D. Southern.

Native to Qualicum Beach, a quiet retirement community and the last place you would expect to produce a pop band; initially, the three musicians wanted to form a Nickelback tribute band but veered off into doing their own thing. Their first single, "South of the Border" collected more than one million streams on Soundcloud, followed by "Hold Her Hand."

Awash in shimmering guitars, "Let Me Tell You" opens on a thrumming line and then flows into a luscious pop melody made up of tight, finessed percussion, softly gleaming colours topped by the wonderfully rich tenor of Will, whose smooth tones imbue the lyrics with the poignant desire of love. It's a distinctive voice, offering deluxe timbres laced with exotic-lite phrasing.

"You don't understand me /And still you tell me never change / You say come on back tomorrow / And we'll try this thing again / All I do is think of you."

A dazzling guitar solo, kept under careful control, pushes out delicious hues without falling into the trap of sonic overload, allowing the notes to form and expand.

"Let Me Tell You" teems with retro '60s savours edged with contemporary pop tinges, along with an infectious harmonic flow and plush vocals.

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