VIDEO PREMIERE: Soundhoose - Rejects

VIDEO PREMIERE: Soundhoose - Rejects
Credit: Dylan Breen

Los Angeles-based alt-rock outfit Soundhoose unveils the music video for “Rejects” from their upcoming album, Quarantine Psycho, slated for release on April 16.

The brainchild of frontman Brandon Smith, aka Mr Bad Luck (vocals, keys, guitar), Soundhoose also comprises Erik Netland (bass) and Paul Burns (drums).

Talking about the track, Mr Bad Luck shares, “‘Rejects’ probably means the most to me and speaks to the character of Mr Bad Luck. It's an upbeat track that shouts to the world that despite being called a reject, I love being the underdog who will prove others wrong. I don't want sympathy for my struggles, I don't want pity, and I want to drive it through everyone's skull that I'm 100% happy with who I am, what I do, and I'm not going to conform to anyone else's expectations of what I should be. The last chorus changes to ‘we’ with the idea that we're all rejects in some way. It's just a matter of whether or not you're proud of it or if you hide that part of yourself.”

Soundhoose’s genesis occurred in 2018 while Smith attended the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. During that time, he released his debut LP, Mr Bad Luck, followed by an EP, Into The Wild. After graduation, Smith returned to SoCal to finish Quarantine Psycho.

“Rejects” opens on low-slung throbbing sounds, followed by the entry of edgy, gleaming guitars pushing out thrumming, trembling colours. Mr Bad Luck’s rasping vocals imbue the lyrics with taut, scornful flavours, moussing up to scorching sneering levels on the chorus. Tinges of punk disdain give the harmonics raw defiance as Mr Bad Luck broadcasts his impudence.

“Cuz I’m a reject, and I don’t care / Waving my middle fingers up in the air.” Heaving with brawny guitars and potent percussion. “Rejects” dishes out contagious self-confidence.

Watch 'Rejects' - BELOW:

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