VIDEO PREMIERE: Sean Harrington – The Getaway

Sean Harrington - The Getaway

Blind from the age of 3 Sean Harrington is an artist with an incredible story. His debut single ‘The Getaway’ showcases perfectly his effortless alternative rock sound.

Now 23 years old, Sean’s first experiences in music were through family exposure to Irish and folk music. He picked up a guitar at 11 and started playing publicly at 17 when he instantly fell in love with live performance.

Sean’s disability allows him to forge a uniquely honest connection with his audience and authenticity is very important to Sean as he idolises artists in blues, folk and punk who kept their music raw and real.

In a world where disabled people can find it difficult to be truly independent, Sean loves being his own boss – answerable only to his audience. In music creation and performance he is on a level playing field.

‘The Getaway’ is taken from the forthcoming ‘Moments Live E.P.’ which was recorded with Sean’s backing musicians in one take and then the backing vocals were added later, Sean did it this way because he wanted to be authentic with his lyrics, and music to give the listeners and potential fans a completely true idea of how he sounds live.

As Sean says himself:

“I didn’t want to mar the sound on this E.P. with synthetic or unrealistic methods of creation and production. I wanted it to be truly live.”

“The concept of the EP is that each song represents a moment or time period in my life, e.g ‘The Moment’, the final song on the EP, describes my feelings on having an intimate conversation in a café with someone I was very attracted to.”

“Similarly, ‘The Getaway’ is an expression of the feelings that many people, specifically disabled people in my case feel on a daily basis. The helplessness and desire to just get away from everything, the desire to have someone to come along and fly them away from their problems.”

Watch the video for ‘The Getaway’ – BELOW:

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