VIDEO PREMIERE: Paper Tigers – Graceless

VIDEO PREMIERE: Paper Tigers - Graceless

With US, Canadian and UK radio support, Paper Tigers surge forward with their newest single ‘Graceless’. The titular track from their debut EP, set for release in early 2022, sees the bands anthemic alt-rock grooves and spidery vocals of singer Hayley Norton lead the way on one of the standout tracks of their upcoming record.

Fresh off their first UK headline tour, the band will launch this track with a special showcase gig in Bennigans, Derry on December 3rd.

With a red thread connecting each track on the EP, the releases namesake packs the strongest emotional punch. Combining elements of heavy, melodic and alternative rock with an introspective gaze and a tumultuous lyrical theme, ‘Graceless’ remasters’ all of the bands live energy into a compact arrangement of tight percussion and gothic acoustics. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Wolf Alice, Royal Blood and Marmozets, ‘Graceless’ sets the emotional tone of the bands debut EP in a stunning fashion, and is symbolic of what awaits from further releases.

“This song deals with the internal struggle of self-doubt and through self-doubt then self-sabotage. It’s about being trapped in your own head, searching for the place you used to go to for comfort and sanctuary but finding only the feelings and emotions you were running from. The horror associated with knowing the sanctity of your refuge has been tarnished. It’s the vicious circle of overthinking, tearing yourself apart, over analysing every little thing until you make yourself feel graceless. It’s trying to find answers and make sense of what happened in the past, still not being able to make sense of things, not being able to reconcile events and the person you were then with the person you are now” – Paper Tigers

Watch the video for ‘Graceless’ – BELOW:

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