VIDEO PREMIERE: Pankhurst – No One Wanna Read Tolstoj

VIDEO PREMIERE: Pankhurst – No One Wanna Read Tolstoj

Anti-establishment punk outfit Pankhurst introduces the music video, “No One Wanna Read Tolstoj,” a track lifted from their upcoming sophomore EP, On The Border.

An anti-war song, “No One Wanna Read Tolstoj”, aims at the mindset preceding warfare, highlighting sheep-like submission, ingenuousness, and illogical reliance on those in authority. The band’s name – Pankhurst – was borrowed from Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, Christabel and Sylvia. They founded the Women’s Social and Political Union, which utilised aggressive tactics to change the world.

Like Emmeline Pankhurst, Pankhurst the band stands resolutely against models of oppression, imperialism, persecution, exploitation, and arsenals of weapons.

The music video, directed by Alessandro Rocca and Martina Mele, whose short films “L’usignolo sul mare,” “Bentornato future!” and “So(g)no” are both innovative and significant, blends elements of Fahrenheit 451 with the concealing masks of V for Vendetta into portentous visuals, including a chase, drugging, duress, and sinister secrets. All over a book and the words therein.

Believing “punk is where the struggle is,” Pankhurst infuses “No One Wanna Read Tolstoj” with electrifying, unflinching punk energy topped by rapid-fire, defiant vocals riding a driving rhythm accented by bright brass.

Reminiscent of iconoclastic bands like The Clash and Black Flag, Pankhurst pushes out hard-hitting lyrics riding incendiary punk music.

Watch the video for “No One Wanna Read Tolstoj” – BELOW:

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