VIDEO PREMIERE: Mother Ghost – La Petite Mort

VIDEO PREMIERE: Mother Ghost – La Petite Mort

Houston, Texas-based post-punk/industrial outfit Mother Ghost unveil their music video, “La Petite Mort,” a song about a grandmother hoping and praying to see her grandson once more.

“La Petite Mort” is from Mother Ghost’s impending debut album, Somnámbulo, slated to drop September 10 via Geodesic Records. Somnámbulo translates from Spanish to English as ‘sleepwalker.’
Made up of brothers Oscar (guitars, vocals) and Thomas Flores (bass, synths, programming), Mother Ghost began writing the album circa Trump’s election as president. Working with producer James Vehslage, the album was recorded quickly. Before mixing could be finished, James passed away. His family made sure the music was returned to Mother Ghost. The band connected with Geodesic Records and producer aCr, who finished the mixing and mastering.

Then the pandemic hit, putting everything on hold. Now that the music scene is showing signs of life, Mother Ghost is releasing the album.

Initially a three-piece punk band, Mother Ghost transformed into a duo after experiencing a revolving door of drummers. Switching to a drum machine and sequencers, the brothers expanded their sound, merging the pugnacity of post-punk with new wave savours and the potent rhythms of House music.

“La Petite Mort” opens on oscillating colours riding an ‘80s new wave-flavoured rhythm with hints of dance push. A gleaming, chopping guitar and loose, vibrating bassline imbue the tune with contagious layers of sound as Oscar’s dreamy, suburban vocals infuse the lyrics with urgent moodiness.

Directed by Thomas Flores, the video, shot in the eerie, grainy style reminiscent of horror films, presents an older woman going about her daily routine while yearning to see her grandson who has descended into the hell of substance abuse.

Seething with new wave textures atop a thumping cadence, “La Petite Mort” paints a dark sonic picture full of compelling energy.

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