VIDEO PREMIERE: Miracle Glass Company - Professional Noise

VIDEO PREMIERE: Miracle Glass Company - Professional Noise

Packed full of psychedelic rock’n’roll influences, stunning 3-part harmonies and songwriting of the highest quality single Professional Noise is a statement of intent and fills the void of isolation just as well as it would fill any darkened dancefloor. With dizzying riffs and repeating refrains the track perfectly leads into the band’s second album - MGC 2.

A fully-formed album showcasing all three members as lead vocalists and songwriters, covering life, love and the good times that go hand in hand with good music. Opening with the declaration that they have ‘found a new sensation’ and closing with the reflection that ‘love can always set you free’ MGC 2 is a fresh old-school album, crammed with hits but made to be listened to as a whole. In these times of disillusionment and uncertainty, MGC believes in the power of music to unite people in the universal language of rock’n’roll.

Having learned from the best working with legendary producer Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve, The View) on MGC 1, the band took on production duties themselves for recently released second album MGC 2. The result is a melting pot of ideas, combining the best of the three personalities – raw and polished, classic and fresh, delicate and powerful. Working with Graeme Young at Chamber Studio, a hidden oasis in one of the rougher parts of their home town of Edinburgh, the band took refuge in the music and the freedom to express themselves collectively to create what they believe is their best work to date.

Recalling a day when they literally had to step over blood and vomit to get down the anonymous lane leading to the studio the band has spoken of the ‘siege mentality in the studio, both because stepping outside was not a tempting option, but also because we’re trying to make music that stands the test of time because that’s what we like to listen to. But it seems that’s a harder sell than ever because the industry is always looking for something ‘on-trend’ to fit with the perceived shorter attention spans in the social media generation. We don’t really buy into that and believe there are still plenty of people out there who love to lose themselves in a great album’.

Check out the video for 'Professional Noise' - BELOW:

Keeping things independent and local the band self-funded the recording of the album which will be released on limited edition heavyweight ‘Ruby Tuesday’ red vinyl through independent Edinburgh label VoxBox Records, but looking outwards the artwork for the album was shot in New York and London by MGC’s photographer and videographer Tommy Slack.


  1. Hardest working, most talented, real rock & roll band working today in my opinion. I’ve Been Waiting on MGC2 is a stone cold classic.

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