VIDEO PREMIERE: Marchildon - 'One Night Stand' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: Marchildon - 'One Night Stand' - Watch Now

Owen Marchildon is a Toronto based songwriter and guitarist. He has been part of the Toronto music scene since 2002 when he played bass for the critically lauded, now defunct Math Rock Quartet, From Fiction. Since the breakup of From Fiction, Owen’s creative output has been prolific, producing volumes of his own music independently since 2005, ten full-length albums and one E.P. under three different monikers, Purple Hill, Rough Skeletons and Marchildon!.

Teaming up with long-time collaborator Paul Shepherd, 2019 will see the release of a new Marchildon! album entitled Fantasy Mirror. Unlike the jangley velvet twang of 2016’s Night Screamer and the stripped-down, poetically potent dynamics of 2018’s Please Pass The Potatoes, Fantasy Mirror is a drone driven guitar affair, with whirling keyboards and comically skewed lyrics, highlighting the many moods that encompass Owen Marchildon’s songwriting.

Marchildon! has released a new single and video ahead of the upcoming full length. "One Night Stand" is a drone-driven guitar track with comically skewed lyrics and a deadpan comedy visual. October 11th 2019 will see the release of a new Marchildon! album entitled Fantasy Mirror.

Marchildon talks about 'One Night Stand: This is my friends story. She told me about this insane one night stand she had with this guy who was more interested in eating a sandwich then getting into her pants. I asked her if I could expand on the story and use it in a song.

She just wanted a brief encounter that night. Nothing awkward. This gentleman caller was hopeful it would lead to something more meaningful. But not this story. It’s just awkward. I called my producer, Paul Shepherd, to work on the idea over a telephone call. We got to laughing and we riffed the words to paper on my end of the line. “One Night Stand” was the conversation that got this project underway.

We decided we would call each other on the phone once a week. Absolutely no text messaging. Riff some ideas. Put it to paper. Stories we’d heard from the sidelines. People leaving their mouths open a little too long for all to hear. And so Fantasy Mirror was born.

With “One Night Stand,” Shepherd and I wanted to highlight the awkwardness and lack of spontaneity that can happen with that particular situation. How two strangers who are trying to achieve intimacy, who are possibly searching for companionship, are sometimes left even farther apart from each other.

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