VIDEO PREMIERE: Makes My Blood Dance – Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)

VIDEO PREMIERE: Makes My Blood Dance – Sick As Our Secrets (Live Version)

Disco-metal/dance-rock outfit Makes My Blood Dance unveils the music video, “Sick as Our Secrets (Live Version),” taken from their forthcoming live album, Live at Smash Sound Stage NYC. Makes My Blood Dance showcases the talents of lead vocalist Evan Russell Saffer and John Polimeni (guitar, synth). The duo’s approach to metal eschews anger as a source of inspiration. Instead, they focus on the power of life’s lessons: spirituality, recovery, and patience.

Along with the musical gifts of Evan and John, “Sick as Our Secrets (Live Version)” parades the flair of Filia Luna (bass, backing vocals), Allan Zaparoli (drums), and Leo Freire (drums).

Revolving around the emotional release from forgiveness, the video narrates the tale of a young boy delivering himself from the torment of abuse by opening up to another person. Profound and powerful, the visuals hit with ardent passion and displayed the potency of Makes My Blood Dance’s performance.

“Sick as Our Secrets” opens on thick, alt-rock guitars tinted by muscular alt-metal flavours. Vaguely reminiscent of Mötley Crüe, Evan’s voice imbues the lyrics with raw, rasping tones, giving the lyrics cutting edges.

“Life feels incomplete/ Livin’ in a movie, black and white tv / Sex is not for free / Not enough time with no electricity / Creepin’ in slowly, 99 episodes of freak on me / Let me get a light, buddy / Heart, in a cooler just about to freeze / Stop the clock penalty.”

Rippling with heavy, compact energy, a galvanizing rhythm, and the scorching vocals of Evan Russell Saffer, “Sick as Our Secrets (Live Version)” turns it on, winds it up, and lets it loose.

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