VIDEO PREMIERE: LZ7 Tell A Personal Story With the Video For Latest Single ‘Plan B’


Since they came together, LZ7 have found themselves able to connect on a personal, at times almost intimate, level with their growing fanbase because of how relatable their music is. Many of their songs are written about their own experiences, including the latest single, “Plan B”, about adoption and, therefore, a significant song to front-man Lindz West, who adopted his children.

What might surprise some who hear the track, however, taking into account its heartfelt subject matter, is how upbeat the track is – and this is a testament to how LZ7 can and continue to blend powerful lyrics with rhythms and beats that are sure to, and designed, to get people up and moving.

“The music video for Plan B was recorded in a back street warehouse in downtown Manchester on a rainy day here in the UK, and boy, does it make it look dapper! The grittiness of the song coupled with the strong heartfelt narrative that runs under the video makes it a must-see for all EDM music lovers out there.”

He adds: “As the video plays, we have collated some of the facts around the topic of the song as a narrative to allow the viewer to follow the journey through the song. It helps explain why we would write a song that’s so heartfelt and personal around a topic that’s not often talked about and yet so beautiful! Loved filming it, love the song… there is no Plan B’!”

Director of the video, Pete Wall, shares: “Working together with Lindz, we really wanted to create something as heartfelt as the message behind the song. We realized that a simple, striking visual would do that best and let the music and story behind the song do the talking. Taking influence from a video for the Chainsmokers, directed by Rory Kramer, we used subtitles to tell the story of Lindz and his family, so you might have to watch the video twice. Once to catch the story and then again to see the visuals…”

Watch the video for ‘Plan B’ – BELOW:

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