VIDEO PREMIERE: Lia D’sau shares the acoustic video for latest single ‘Sad Teenage Flower’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lia D’sau shares the acoustic video for latest single 'Sad Teenage Flower'

Like many people, teenage singer-songwriter Lia D’sau found and continues to find refuge and solace in music, and she credits it greatly with helping shape her identity. She hails from a rather musical family – her mom is a former dancer and her dad a former boy band member – so it’s not exactly surprising to see that she, too, is forging her own path in the industry.

She began writing her own original music at the age of 14, writing about her feelings of loneliness, depression and difference and met her now manager Sharona Nomder at 17. From there, she was able to build a team to help her achieve her dreams and ambitions; she’s never looked back.

Her latest single, “Sad Teenage Flower”, the acoustic video for which XS Noize are proud to premiere and which is taken from her upcoming debut EP, is particularly special to Lia as she shares: “It is the first original song I ever recorded, and it’s a very vulnerable song, where I talk about how I felt as a teenager, being a misfit, and how I wanted all of the misfits like me to feel seen in a song about teenagers that isn’t about how great it is to be a teenager, but the latter.

I think that songs like this one are important because when I was growing up, all I saw and heard in the media and music is how great it is being young, and all the friends you have, and the adventures you get into. It made me feel like I was doing something wrong since I didn’t have any friends, and I was pretty depressed most of the time. It’s important to talk about the other side of things, the not so shiny side of growing up.”

Asked about the visuals, she adds: “I am super proud of this music video. We shot it at a field in the south of Tel Aviv, across the street from where the school I grew up in was. This whole song talks about feeling like a misfit and wanting that feeling to change. I wrote it while attending that school, feeling alone and finding my escape in music, so when I made this acoustic version, three years after I wrote it, I looked at how my life and feeling had changed.

My friend and I shot this video with a chair as a tripod, and it rained as soon as we started filming. He produced the acoustic version, and I directed and edited. I feel as though this song has come full circle with me, and it is just now coming out, hopefully for other kids like me to hear and feel not so alone.”

Watch the video for ‘Sad Teenage Flower (Acoustic)’ – BELOW:

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